How a Wine Brand Converted Logistics Nightmare to Gifting Revenue - A Vyno Case Study

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Vyno, based in Canada, specializes in wines, spirits, and custom gift boxes. They offer a carefully curated collection of wines and spirits from around the world, along with gift box options, making it easy for customers to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

They aimed to enhance their gifting experience to boost revenue. However, as their products increased, they were unable to scale their gifting process effectively and faced logistics issues. Hence, they were looking for a way to refine their gifting process for improved efficiency and profitability.

We stepped in to offer a holistic approach to streamline their gifting services so they could increase earnings while delivering a smooth gifting experience. Here, we talk about the specific challenges Vyno faced in their gifting process and the solutions we implemented to make them a first choice for wine gifting.


Vyno faced three primary challenges as they expanded their product range and gifting options:

  1. Incorrect Orders: With an increase in their product offerings, Vyno allowed customers to choose their gift boxes. However, customers frequently selected boxes that were not suitable for the wine they chose. The mismatch between wine and box sizes created a logistical headache, and fulfilling these orders became a nightmare.
  2. Logistics Complications: The issue with incorrect orders affected Vyno's logistics. The constant canceling and modification of orders due to box size mismatch led to delayed deliveries. This not only led to customer dissatisfaction but also to a loss of orders. The inability to predict and prepare for orders hindered their operational efficiency.
  3. Missed Upsell Opportunities: Vyno was not upselling on their checkout. Upselling, when executed effectively, can increase revenue by asking customers to consider additional products. This led them to lose out on potential sales.


To address Vyno's challenges, we implemented a series of solutions:

1. Build-Your-Own Box Option: We resolved the issue of incorrect orders with the 'Build Your Own Box' feature, using Easy Bundles. This dedicated page allowed customers to pair their wine selections with appropriate boxes. Clear instructions were given so that customers could choose the right box, and avoid mismatches.

Build Your Own Box Option at Vyno

2. Checkout Upselling Strategy: We shifted all the upselling of Macarons and Wine Glasses, to the checkout phase. This minimized overwhelming choices during browsing so that customers could focus on wines, and add extras at checkout if they missed anything. This was easily implemented by Checkout Wizard.

3. Customer Reviews: To boost conversions and reduce checkout abandonment, we added customer reviews at the checkout. It helped in building trust and credibility which encouraged customers to complete their purchases.

Customer Reviews at Checkout

4. Strategic Placement of Gift Options: We suggested placing gift box options only on the 'Build Your Own Box' and product detail pages. On the product details pages, only compatible boxes were displayed to prevent any mismatches between the wine and the box sizes.

5. Experimenting with Upsells: We experimented with various upsell options, analyzing their effectiveness. Initially, we presented three upsell options: packaging, add-ons, and macarons. This approach led to low conversion rates. When we eliminated the add-on upsell section, conversions improved noticeably. With the approach of Christmas, we decided to concentrate exclusively on packaging and add-ons, optimizing our sales for the holiday season. This data-driven approach allows us to refine strategies based on tangible results.

6. Store and Checkout Consistency: Vyno has such a beautiful store and gifting experience but not the same was visible at the checkout. So, as a bonus, we revamped their checkout to match their store experience. This consistency also led to a better experience for the customers.


Initially, we started with three upsell blocks and got a conversion rate of 3.37% - with 71 out of 2,104 viewers adding items to their purchases. This strategy led to an extra $1,000 in profits.

Three upsell blocks and got a conversion rate of 3.37%

Later, we reduced one upsell block, which significantly improved the conversion rate to 5.78%(114 out of 1,972). This better approach resulted in a 50% increase in upsell revenue, bringing in an extra $1,500 in a month.

Only Two Upsell Block to increase Conversions

The new upselling was so effective that in the first 10 days of December alone, the upsell block generated almost $1,400 in sales.

First 10 Days on Christmas

If you are looking to replicate these results and streamline your checkout processes, just book a call here.

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