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Easy Bundles
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See how our Shopify Merchants are using Easy Bundles to offer unique bundling experience

Our Bestselling Bundles

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Discounted & Tiered Pricing Bundle

Set up ‘buy more pay less bundles’ to encourage consumers to add more items to the cart.

Offer a discount or reduced/ free shipping on the bundle based on the number of items being purchased.

Gift Box Bundle

Tell your customers you care for their loved ones with personalised gift box bundles. Increase customer loyalty and acquire new customers (gift receivers) with this simple feature.

Fixed Price Bundle

Give your customers the power to choose their bundle items while fixing the price. It is a great strategy to guarantee conversion. Tip: Include high inventory products in these bundles.

Mix and Match Bundle

Allow customers to choose from a selection of products to create their customized bundles and still avail a discount.

Give customers more flexibility and cater to individual preferences to enhance customer experience.

Subscription Bundle

Give customers the ability to receive a set of products repeatedly over time, in defined durations - weekly, monthly, yearly, and so on. 

Allow your customers to build their own bundle by choosing the products and a frequency at which they would like to receive the bundle helping you increase repeat purchase and CLTV.

Did you know?

increase in Gifting AOV
increase in Gifting Revenue
increase in customer acquisition via gift receipts
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2K+ Bundles built using Easy Bundles

Checkout the bundles below by industry, all live and set up by Shopify Merchants using the Easy Bundles App.

Each bundle is unique in terms of design, layout, branding and the purpose it serves from mix-and-match bundles to discounted bundles, subscription bundles or volume discount bundles.

Get ideas on what to implement in your stores!

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Beauty and Personal Care

Try offering a step based skincare routine or makeup routine build your own bundles. Build your own gift boxes also work the best for beauty stores.
See below bundles set up using Easy Bundles app.

Kimirica is the best and most beautiful example of Build Your Own Gift set, letting their shoppers choose a personalised box, products and even add minis to the boxes including greeting cards and gift message.
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Offering a step based starter kit to build your own lash box is a great way to get users started on products that they may have otherwise missed. From lash box to adhesive, tools and remover, everything is presented to the user to add to their bundle for a complete set.
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Dr Sam's
Dr Sams' offers their bestsellers in a build your own bundle box where they also provide the option to gift wrap. By giving volume discount based on bundle quantity and letting users choose free samples as the last step are innovative ways to increase AOV, help users try more products at no cost and increase delight.
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Jada Beauty
A step based approach to building skincare regime bundle is the best way to get users to explore all your products seamlessly. Add volume discount and you have a winner bundle for better conversion and brand loyalty.
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14 Day Manicure
14 Day Mani offers a fixed price starter kit with pre-loaded mandatory items needed for gel manicure in the bundle. The user get to choose 4 different polish colors to add to the bundle. Its a great way to get beginners started without being overwhelmed while getting a significant discount.
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Bombay Shaving Company
Offering Build Your Own Gift Sets is a great way to let users choose from your most giftable products and also add personalisation like a box, greeting card and a message. Branded boxes, greeting cards and emails can help you make the first impression with new gift recipients and acquire them for free.
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Food and Beverages

Try offering mix and match bundles, volume discount or fixed price subscription bundles allowing users to select products neatly categorised acrsoss categories or collections.
See below bundles set up using Easy Bundles app.

Eatable Popcorn
Build your Own Flavours Combo gets users exposed to all your offerings, build their favourite box and get a discount on the cart value. Great way to delight your users.
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Phantom Brewing Co
Build Your Own Case at volume discount is a great way to get users to explore more flavors or types of items. Explore this option if you have variants of the same products that can be bundled.
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DoughHouse Cookies
Mix and match bundles are a great way to let users pick their favourites, try everything you got to offer and get a deal for it.
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Build your Own Sauce combo is a great way to get users to try different flavours while getting a discount on the cart value. Complementary add ons that help increase AOV are another great addition when getting people to try your primary products.
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Vyno keeps it simple by offering one of the best Build Your Own Bundles we have seen. Selection made easy with beverage categories, followed by simple pairings to sweeten the deal and increase AOV, and finally getting users to select from beautiful boxes to avoid accidents is a great addition in the end.
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Fireside Farms
Fixed price subscription bundles is one of the best strategies to control discounts while users feel like getting a great deal. Fireside Farms provides a collection based approach to let users select fixed number of products, a box and finally offers a further more discounted subscription to entice users to get the box at pre-decided frequency.
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Fashion and Apparel

Try offering tiered volume discount bundles or build your own customised bundle with ability to choose style, variants and colours.
See below bundles set up using Easy Bundles app.

Rabble Clothing
Rabble offers an innovative build your own bundle where a shopper can customise their hoodie by choosing the style, color and multiple drawstrings that can be matched for different occasions.
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Laflore Paris
Laflore offers a fixed price accessories bundle which is a great way to let users build their own customised box choosing colors that complement their main purchase.
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Slam Media
Tiered Discount Bundles are great for Fashion brand to sell more of a collection. Slam Goods does a great job of letting users choose their own bundle items while giving discount based on bundle quantity.
View Bundle
Bravado Designs
Bravado uses Easy Bundles to offer a Mix and Match build your own bundle offering tiered discounts to incentivise higher AOV. They even carefully curated the experience segregating the items by category for better product discoverability and user experience.
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Orelia lets users create their own gift boxes in 3 simple steps. First add jewellery to the bundle (handpicked from the most unique and giftable items, then select add ons that are perfect for gifting like jewelery organizers, pouches, candles and chocolates and finally personalise with a greeting card which is another smart way to increase AOV. Build Your Own Gift boxes help create brand loyalty with users who want to make their loved ones feel special.
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Try offering a personalised build your own bundle allowing users to choose a box, products and personalisation like text or video message, greeting cards and delivery scheduler.
See below bundles set up using Easy Bundles app.

Oaks offers a build your own gift set for kids using Easy Bundles, where user can select packaging, gift products and customise with a greeting card and a letter.
View Bundle
Shop Purple Bird
Purple Bird offers a build your own gift box experience where user can select a box based on number of items and design, followed by choosing products and finally personalising with greeting card and message.
View Bundle
Say it with Flowers
Say it with Flowers does a great job of allowing their users to build their gift box by choosing items in different categories segregated into multiple steps. The users can choose from a selection of gourmet foods followed by multiple flavours of teas, choice of cocktails and finally accessories, that creates a beautiful experience which is not overwhelming with a large number of SKUs.
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Post My Gift
Post My Gift lets users build their own gift box by choosing products, a box and personalise with greeting cards. They also offer their users to record video message and schedule delivery on the exact day for a better gifting experience. All this is enabled by Easy Bundles.
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Baby, Teen and Mothers

Try offering volume discount bundles, with items categorised across multiple steps based on needs or type such as playtime, bedtime, essentials etc. curating a beautiful build your own bundle or gift box experience.
See below bundles set up using Easy Bundles app.

Lil helper
Lil Helper offers multiple build your own bundles across categories like baby, nursing and menstrual needs. Each bundle allows users to select different products based on criteria like style, colors and even different needs like flow etc. allowing users to curate a thoughtful box. They offer a tiered volume discount on their bundle helping them increase AOV and conversion.
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The Dairy Fairy
Dairy Fairy allows users to build their own breastfeeding bundle giving moms the choice to select based on their preference and needs. They even offer a tiered discount on the bundle (buy 2 - get 10%, buy 3 get 15% etc.), helping them increase AOV.
View Bundle
Preggi Central
Preggi Central offer multiple build your own bundles to their users based on needs such as a Hospital Bag Essentials bundle, Breast Feeding bundle, Pregnancy bundle, a New Baby Gift bundle, Recovery bundle etc. Easy Bundle allows merchants to create multiple bundle flows and Preggi Central does a great job of letting users not only choose bundle products but also decide on which bundle suits their needs the most. They offer discounts on their bundle and neatly categorise bundle products for easy selection.
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Honey Bug
HoneyBug is one of the best example of build your own bundle for kids. It allows users to build boxes based on age, provides carefully selected filters and all steps are thoughtfully ctegorised based on clothing, playtime, essentials and finally add ons that further help increase AOV. The bundle flow and the branding is all done using Easy Bundles.
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Rookie Humans
Rookie Humans makes the build your own bundle easy and user friendly by making users first select items for bedtime, then playtime and finally add personal touch with a gift box and message. Clean, simple and a great way to help users build gifts.
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Health and Fitness

Try offering fixed price bundles or build your own gear bundles offering customisation and personalisation.
See below bundles set up using Easy Bundles app.

Terramar Sports
As an outdoor adventure wear company, Terramar lets users create a base layer bundle allowing users to first select tops based on temperature and different technologies they offer, then helping users select a matching bottom which is a mandatory step ensuring a bundle will always have more than one product and finally letting users add accessories. They have added condition where users get bundle at a fixed price of $100 or the item total whichever is less incentivising them to add more to bundle.
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Metaflow offers a fixed price 5 pack starter bundle where users can pick any 5 items and the bundle pre-includes a free recipe book and shaker. It is a great way to get users to buy more and incentivise further with free items in bundle for better conversion. All this is extremely easy to set up with Easy Bundles.
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Tuff Wraps
Tuff wraps offers great discounts on their build your own bundles. For eg one of their bundle runs a discount where users can get up to 35% OFF when they bundle up to 5 or 6 items but bundling 3 products is mandatory. It is a subtle way to nudge people to not only buy the minimum bundle products but add more to get better discounts.
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Home and lifestyle

try offering Mix-and-Match Subscription or Tiered Discount bundles allowing users to choose products categorised by type and collection for a good user experience.
See below bundles set up using Easy Bundles app.

SupaLife offers a subscription bundle to their users where they can mix and match any 6 bottles of eco-mate cleaners and set a frequency of delivery of same or even proceed with a one time purchase. By offering a discount on subscription, they incentivise users to make a repeat purchase.
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Arbor Made
Arbor made offers a bundle and save option to their users allowing them to select scents, jard and add ons to build refillable candles. Its a great way to help first time users get started with their candles and try various options.
View Bundle
Bamboo Better
Bamboo Better offers a volume discount bundle where users get a discount on choosing 3 or more items for their bundle. They allow users to choose variants for each product ranging from pattern and colour to size. All this can be set up easily using Easy Bundles.
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The Glam Kit
After doing research on so many "build your own bundle" apps on the shopify store.

This app hands down is the best one out there! They understand what small businesses are looking for and the app is super intuitive. Surya was very helpful and super patient with us on our onboarding call. If you're looking to add a custom "build your own bundle" feature to your website. You need to get this app! You won't regret it!!!

Bundles Sold
I have never done a review before, but felt compelled to write one for the Easy Bundles App

Sid and the entire team was amazing! They are hands down the most responsive, supportive and detailed orientated App Team we have ever worked with. They went ABOVE and beyond to help us with anything we needed to launch our bundles. We had a ton of transitioning to do from another app, and from the design to the set-up, Sid helped us every step of the way. If I could give more than 5 stars I would! We will be using all their apps (and they have a ton) in the future!

Increased AOV
Product Bundles Sold
Swon & Company
This app has literally been a godsend to me!

I found Easy Bundles - Bundle Builder and decided to take a chance. Within a few hours we were up and running. The team was amazing - working closely with me on the little tweaks I needed to get this added to my online store. Building the bundles was so easy and the integration with my Shopify store looks fantastic!

Increased AOV

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