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Tiered Pricing (Buy X Items for Y Amount) on Shopify Store

Skai Lama
April 26, 2024

New Feature

Kite now offers tiered pricing or a “Buy X Items for Y Amount” feature that allows for scalable discounts based on how many items are purchased. For example, you can create enticing offers such as "Buy 2 for $50" and "Buy 4 for $90," making customers go for the higher quantity option.

This flexible feature lets you apply discounts not just to individual products, but across collections or selected groups of items.

Why We Built Tiered Pricing Feature?

Tiered pricing or “Buy X Items for Y Amount” provides a strategic advantage to online store owners as they can maintain better control over profitability compared to the "Buy One, Get One" (BOGO) approach.

Let’s understand from a tiered pricing example -

Consider a candle retailer: under a BOGO deal, if candles are priced at $20 each, the effective price drops to $10 when two are purchased, sharply reducing revenue.

In contrast, a tiered pricing scheme such as offering one candle for $20, two for $35, and three for $45, encourages more purchases while preserving a higher revenue per unit than BOGO, with each candle in the three-pack costing $15.

This method increases overall profitability while incentivizing customers to buy more.

Benefits of Tiered Pricing For Your eCommerce Store

1. Increase Average Order Value (AOV): Customers are incentivized to buy more items to take advantage of greater savings, which boosts the average value of each order.

2. Wider Appeal: Unlike BOGO, which might appeal only to those looking for a deal on two items, tiered pricing attracts a broader customer base. From budget-conscious buyers to those willing to spend more for a better deal, everyone finds something appealing.

3. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Customers value deals that seem personalized and offer more bang for their buck. In scenarios like tiered pricing, bulk buyers are not only incentivized but also feel motivated by the perceived increase in value for their money.

Get Started Now!

Implement Buy X Items for Y Amount using our Kite app on Shopify App Store and watch as your Shopify store’s AOV skyrockets.

- Set-Up Guide: Learn how to set up tiered pricing with Kite

- See it in action: Visit our demo store

Use the flexibility and profitability of Tiered Pricing and make your discount strategy work smarter, not harder.

Gift Lab

Improved Performance

Skai Lama
April 25, 2024

New Feature

• Welcome page

• App sequence

Improved Performance

Skai Lama
April 25, 2024


New Feature

• Quantity Selector for Fixed Bundle && Bundle Upsell

• Bundle UI Screen Improvements

• Log Events for app / Bundle level errors

• New discount feature (Product level Discount)

• Welcome Page UI / UX improvements

Easy Bundles

Multiple Language Compatibility & Color Configuration

Skai Lama
April 22, 2024


New Feature

• Add Template Level Color Configuration in Advanced Settings.

• Add Multiple Language In Summary Step.

• Add Pause / Activate Bundle Functionality.

• UX Upgrade on Bundle Builder page. The quantity shown for a product on each page is now restricted per page. Eg: Buying

Improved Performance

Skai Lama
April 19, 2024


New Feature

• Removed Fixed Bundle from the APP and renamed Custom Bundle to Fixed Bundle.

• Fixed bundle (Custom bundle) auto update parent product's price based on bundle products individual price.

• Introduced offer level selector

• New settings for side cart

• Added HexCode option to customize Swatches

• Storefront : improvement and bug fixes

New Integrations Page

Skai Lama
April 17, 2024


New Feature

• Integrations page

• In app changes

New Development and Revamps

Skai Lama
April 17, 2024


Bug Fix

• Template Page Complete Revamp

• Starter Card and Index Page complete Revamp

• Lot of new Know More links & Recommended Badge in enable test mode

• Brevo Workflow Integration and testing done

• Request sanitization Code Change and tested

• Page list text overflow in titles

Bug Fixes

Skai Lama
April 16, 2024


Bug Fix

Support Request

• Fixed Delete Bug when duplicate ID (data conflict)

• Fixed conflict due to previous data from uninstall

• Quiz Save Issue - (request sanitization mostly causing!)

• Create Quiz/Survey Button Disable state to prevent double Click

• Card Image Change when no quiz there

• Many Minor UI Changes

• New Implementation for latest quiz Id assignment after user installs again!

• Resource Picker Bug Finally Resolved,

• Save Bar Completely Working state

New Wall of Scenarios

Skai Lama
April 12, 2024


New Feature

• Wall of scenarios UI update

• Byte dismissible banner

• Coming soon cards for new features on kite .

New Feature Launch and Bug Fixes

Skai Lama
April 11, 2024


New Feature

• Crisp Chat added to all pages

• Loading state for analytics pages fixed and NO data page state

• LCP Optimizations for faster loading, removed deprecated Components

• AI Quiz Live

• Sudden Black screen on first time page refresh has been fixed!.

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