Increasing Conversion Rates by 20%: Arbor Made's Success Story with Easy Bundles

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Arbor Made: Pioneering Sustainable and Reusable Candles

Industry: Eco Friendly Candles

With a wide and customizable range of sustainable candles, Arbor Made needed a way to make it simpler for their customers to choose their preferences. Using product bundling, they simplified buying experiences and increased their AOV by 10% in just 30 days! 

The Challenge

Arbor Made faced several challenges in offering its unique product to customers. The primary issues were:

  1. Creating an easy-to-navigate shopping experience that allowed customers to choose from six+ scent options in a two-step process.
  2. Educating customers about the necessity of adding a jar to their order, as many were only selecting candle refills.
  3. Overcoming the limitations of previous bundling solutions which were bug-ridden, lacked customization options, and offered poor customer support.
  4. Finding a solution that didn't create a new SKU for every bundle combination, which had previously led to an unmanageable increase in SKUs and inventory tracking difficulties.

These challenges were affecting customer experiences, resulting in confusion and a cumbersome shopping process that often limited customers to purchasing only one candle refill scent.

Past bundle tools we tried out had extremely poor customer support, taking days (even weeks!) to help answer extremely important issues.”

The Solution

With Easy Bundles, Arbor Made set up different types of product bundles to cater to the various audience segments they sell to. Here’s the breakdown of the product bundling strategy they set up to capture visitor interest: 

1. Interest-Based Bundles

Arbor Made introduced two distinct interest-based bundles to cater to different customer preferences:

  1. Bundle and Save: This strategy allowed customers to choose from four different bundle options, each offering a unique combination of products to enhance their experience. The options included:
  1. Candle Set: Comprising 1 jar and 1 refill, this set is perfect for those looking to start their journey with sustainable candles.
  2. Starter Bundle: This bundle includes 1 jar and 2 refills, providing an option for customers to explore different scents right from the start.
  3. Essentials Bundle: A comprehensive set that includes 1 jar, 4 refills, matches, and a cleaner, offering a complete candle experience.
  4. Deluxe Bundle: The ultimate package with 2 jars, 6 refills, a care kit, matches, and a cleaner, for those looking to fully immerse themselves in the Arbor Made experience.

2. Gifting bundles

Recognizing the potential of their products as thoughtful gifts, Arbor Made created special gift bundles. 

These bundles mirrored the 'Bundle and Save' options but added the ability for personalization with a message and gift-wrapping options, making them perfect for gifting to loved ones.

3. Build Your Own Bundle

This strategy empowered customers to create their own bundle by choosing their preferred candle scents and jars. The initiative provided a personalized shopping experience.

Some of the key features the brand set up using Easy Bundles to further improve their product bundles sales included:

  1. Clear Multi-Step User Experience: The bundle flow was redesigned to include clear steps, making the ordering process straightforward for customers.
  2. Enhanced Customization: Customers could now easily add multiple refills to their bundle with just one click, enhancing the shopping experience.
  3. Efficient Cart Building: The solution allowed for easy cart building without creating new products for each bundle, simplifying inventory management.
  4. Exceptional Support: Arbor Made was particularly impressed with the onboarding and troubleshooting support provided by Easy Bundles, which was timely and helpful.

The Results

The implementation of Easy Bundles led to:

  1. Increased Conversion Rate: In the weeks following the switch to Easy Bundles, the conversion rate increased by about 20%.
  2. Higher Average Order Value (AOV): The AOV saw an increase of approximately 10%.
  3. Effective Promotion Strategy: The bundles were prominently displayed on the website, with "best sellers" highlighted in marketing campaigns, enhancing customer engagement and sales.

“We wish we would've known about and switched to Easy Bundles sooner! The fact that the product is so customizable and the support team is so incredible. Past bundle tools we used had no visibility into trends, analytics, and performance of the tool. It left us completely blind to important business data.”

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