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Achieving 47% Shopify Checkout Conversion Rate - A Disc Store's Case Study

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Disc Store as the name suggests is one of the leading Frisbee and Disc Golf equipment stores based out in Nebraska. They prioritize quality in both their products and their online shopping experience. This obsession with quality led them to switch from WooCommerce to Shopify – a platform that is faster, more reliable, and capable of scaling with their growth.

One immediate challenge they faced was customizing their checkout process, a feature they were used to in WooCommerce. Fortunately, their Shopify Plus plan allowed for customization through checkout extensions. After an unsatisfactory experience with another app, they turned to us for our comprehensive features and exceptional customer support.

Here's how we revamped their checkout process to boost conversions and revenue.


  1. Need for a Customizable Checkout - Disc Store wanted to replicate the customized checkout experience they had with WooCommerce. Their Shopify Plus plan enabled this, but they needed to find the right app to leverage checkout extensions and tailor their checkout according to their needs and business goals.
  2. Lack of Customization - Their first attempt with an app from the Shopify app store fell short because it lacked many features needed for extensive customization. The app they tried did not use all the features offered by Shopify checkout extensibility and provided only limited customization.
  3. Revenue Optimization: Disc Store recognized the strategic importance of optimizing their checkout process, not just for customization's sake, but to drive revenue growth. They aimed to refine their checkout experience with the goal of increasing the Average Order Value (AOV) and boosting conversion rates, knowing that a well-optimized checkout is key to maximizing profitability.


  • Optimized Three-Page Checkout Design: Disc Store chose a three-page checkout process with appropriate block space for desired checkout elements. We chose information page for focused upselling, shipping page to select delivery options, shipping FAQs and any shipping related upsells and finally payment page for leaving any notes. This design gave Disc Store the flexibility to add a wide range of features for a fully customized checkout that boosts customer satisfaction and revenue.
  • Leveraging Checkout Wizard: Understanding Disc Store's goal to create a seamless and engaging checkout experience, we collaborated closely to implement targeted customizations that delivered tangible results. Instead of overwhelming them with options, we focused on strategic enhancements like banner placements for promotions and integrating specific fields for delivery instructions to cater to their unique needs. These carefully chosen adjustments were designed for a better user experience and conversion rates.
  • Effective Shipping Insurance CTAs: Disc Store optimized their Shopify checkout with clear, compelling CTAs for Shipping Insurance, making it easy for customers to see the value. This strategic addition not only heightened the perceived value of their offerings but also helped their revenue, with auto-adding Shipping Insurance contributing approximately 48% of their total upsell revenue.
Custom Shipping Insurance CTAs With Checkout Wizard
  • Seamless Custom Branding: To increase conversions, we aligned the Disc Store's checkout branding to its bold, maximalist store design. By integrating bold red buttons, distinctive font styles, and large input boxes, we created a checkout experience that perfectly mirrored the store's aesthetics and messaging. This consistency in branding across the checkout and store reinforced customer confidence to improve conversion rates.
  • Maximizing Upsell with Strategic Discounts: Disc Store introduced a clever upsell strategy by offering complementary products at a 30% discount during the checkout process. This approach capitalized on the high purchase intent of customers who were already committed to buying. By presenting an irresistible discount on additional, related items without requiring them to revisit their cart, Disc Store effectively increased their upsells. This strategy not only boosted their AOV but also simplified the buying process.
Strategic Discounts For Maximum Upselling At Shopify Checkout
  • Discount Banners: As Disc Store was running a lot of discount codes during the holiday season from November to December, we suggested a discount banner on checkout. It was effective as none of the customers lost out on the discount and it also increased their conversion as shoppers were more convinced to buy the product after the discount.
  • A/B Testing for Optimal Upsells: Disc Store leveraged Checkout Wizard’s A/B testing feature to identify the most effective upsell blocks at their checkout. Through ongoing experimentation and detailed analysis, they refined their upsell strategy so that only top-performing offers reach their customers and increase their upsell revenue.
  • Transparent Policies For Trust: Disc Store strategically highlighted its transparency with customers by clearly displaying their refund and subscription policies in a concise footer on their checkout page. This straightforward communication reassures customers, leading to higher conversions by building a foundation of trust.
  • Engaging Payment Page: Unlike most stores, Disc Store focused on building brand loyalty by inviting customers to leave “positive vibes” during the payment process, along with a creative option to "gift a pizza" to their team. This approach subtly underscores their commitment to employee morale without directly requesting tips or service fees. It not only leaves them on a high note but also creates a positive brand association, encouraging customers to return.
Disc Store's Engaging Shopify Checkout Payment Page


  • The changes led to a significant increase in engagement, order numbers, and upsell value, with a notable $11k in additional revenue in 3 months.
More Sales on Shopify Checkout Through Checkout Wizard
  • Conversion rates improved overall, especially during the holiday season, peaking at an average of 47%. They are still maintaining a conversion rate of over 40%.
Increased Shopify Checkout Conversion

Disc Store's feedback on our service was exceptionally positive, earning us a 5-star review. They highlighted, "Checkout Wizard is awesome. Their support team is really helpful, fast, and reliable. They listen to your needs and actually provide solutions for your store. We've been pleased."

If you are looking to replicate these results and streamline your checkout process, just book a call here.

Explore Checkout Wizard to maximize your checkout efficiency and drive sales.

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