How a Home and Lifestyle Brand Boosted Sales through a Checkout Makeover

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Yamazaki is a premium brand that creates home goods, housewares & happy-making objects with small-space sensibility. Despite their compelling product range, they faced a few challenges in increasing their sales. The main issue was the low sales completion rate i.e. customers were frequently abandoning their purchases at checkout. Additionally, Yamazaki lacked a system to identify and address these shortcomings.

Our team stepped in to increase their purchase completion process, implemented a system to analyze what was going wrong, and even provided some extra benefits.

Here, we talked about how we transformed their store checkout for better results and some side benefits.


The crux of Yamazaki's problem was in their checkout process. Their products attracted customers to the checkout page, but many didn’t complete their purchases. There are a few reasons, why:

  1. Low Checkout Speed: The checkout involved a three-page process, each step causing significant delays and leading to a decrease in completion rates.
  2. Mobile Completion Rate: With a mere 32% completion rate on mobile devices, Yamazaki was not meeting the needs of the growing number of mobile shoppers.
  3. Problem Identification: The lack of detailed monitoring made it difficult for Yamazaki to identify and understand where in the customer journey issues were occurring.
  4. Absence of Upselling: As a premium brand, Yamazaki was cautious about upselling, which resulted in missed opportunities for more sales.


Now, that we identified the problem, we tackled each problem one by one to help Yamazaki sell more:

  1. Faster Checkout: We know that Shopify is encouraging store owners to adopt its checkout.extensions, which is continuously optimized and getting new features. So, we decided to migrate the checkout, and it sped up Yamazaki’s checkout.
  2. Branding: The disconnect between the store's branding and its checkout branding, reduces customers’ trust and leads to checkout abandonment. So, we increased customers’ trust in Yamazaki's brand by ensuring the checkout’s design was in sync with the overall brand aesthetic.
  3. Mobile Optimization: Recognizing the dominance of mobile shopping nowadays, we rigorously tested and optimized the checkout process for various mobile devices.
  4. Localized Language Options: To cater to Yamazaki's diverse customer base, we implemented a location-based language customization. The Checkout language automatically changes according to the location, making it a smoother experience for buyers.
  5. Rule-Based Upsells: Yamazaki didn’t want to look cheap by upselling too much. So, we introduced upselling in a way that felt natural and premium, aligning with Yamazaki’s brand ethos.
  6. Detailed Analytics: We implemented advanced analytics to look deeper into customer behavior. Before, Yamazaki only had data on checkout initiation and its completion. With the help of Shopify's pixels for analytics, we could now track drop-offs at each stage of the three-page checkout process. It gave us valuable insights for targeted improvements.
Detailed Checkout GA4 Analytics


We will let the numbers talk to show the results. The overall conversion rate increased from 39% to 44%. Notably, mobile conversions saw a significant jump, increasing by 7% from 32% to 39%, equating to nearly a 22% boost in sales.

Impressive Mobile Conversion

As a side benefit, the strategically placed upsell block resulted in an extra 523 euros in revenue within just 20 days.

Upsell Block Profits

If you are looking to replicate these results and streamline your checkout processes, just book a call here.

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