How Lathr Used Personal Care Product Bundling to Boost Sales by $17,221.79 in 30 Days

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Lathr - The Handmade Personal Care Brand for Men

Industry: Personal Care

With a diverse line of cold-pressed soap bars, beard care oils, balms, shampoos, and conditioners, Lathr uses product bundles to introduce visitors to products across categories. Learn how they sold 3,000+ bundles in 30 days to increase revenue. 

The Challenge

With a wide range of products, Lathr was struggling to introduce their store visitors to their entire collection. And setting up personalized product bundles based on consumer intent and interest became challenging as the business grew. 

They struggled to find a bundling solution that could enable them to set up different types of product bundles on their Shopify store, personalize buying experiences and introduce visitors to products across their catalog.  

Pre-made bundles became time-consuming and led to logistical nightmares, while other Shopify bundling apps were confusing to use and lacked quick customer support.

“Creating pre-made bundles was time-consuming and an inventory nightmare for us. It resulted in losing out on opportunities to introduce our customers to products that matched their interest.” 

This led to the brand missing out on personalized and unique gifting experiences, and opportunities to upsell or cross-sell products. The result was a lower average order value as compared to similar brands in the same industry. 

At this point, Lathr started to seek a product bundling app for their Shopify store and installed Easy Bundles by SkaiLama. 

The Solution 

With Easy Bundles, Lathr setup two types of product bundles on their Shopify store - build your soapbox and build your own bundle. Here’s the breakdown of the product bundling strategy they set up to capture visitor interest: 

1. Intent and interest based bundles 

Segmenting their store visitors into those who are seeking skincare and hair care products, the brand created different product bundles. While this allowed them to segregate products in categories, it helped introduce the visitor to other items from the same category, setting up the opportunity for perfect upsell and cross-sell that taps into their interest. 

2. Build your soapbox 

This product bundle focused on letting their store visitors choose the soaps they’d like to purchase. Combined with volume-based offers based on the number of soaps added to the cart, this product bundling strategy helped them nudge consumers to try out new variants of their soaps. 


3. Build your own box

Since the brand also wanted to nudge visitors to explore products from other categories on their store, they created the build your own box bundle. This product bundling strategy focused on getting visitors to choose different types of products, and offered cart-value based discounts to encourage them to ‘buy more’. 


The 'Bundle and Save' initiative became a hit, offering clear, tiered discounts making it easier for customers to see the value in bundling.

“Build your own bundles is a game changer for us as we offer many SKUs in different categories. No other app was as easy to work with as Easy Bundles to set up this product bundling strategy.”

Some of the key features the brand set up using Easy Bundles to further improve their product bundles sales included:

  1. Simple Setup & Premium Support: Easy Bundles provided an easy-to-use setup process, premium customer service, and flexible payment plans.
  2. Effortless Bundle Flows: Lathr designed multi-step bundle flows, allowing customers to add products from various categories
  3. Versatile Bundle Discounts: Customers were encouraged to create bundles with varying discounts tapping into different consumer psychologies - offering discounts on buying more products and discounts on higher cart values. 
  4. Analytic Tracking & Custom Development: Lathr could track bundle performance and utilize custom development for advanced customization.

The Results 

The 'Build Your Own Bundles' strategy resonated with customers, and the app's features helped Lathr identify best sellers and increase average per cart sales.

The successful 20% OFF sales blitz and prominent homepage placement directed customers to the multi-step bundling page, which gamified the experience for its customers. This led to the following results:

  • Total bundles sold in one month: 3548
  • Total number of bundle orders: 224
  • Total value of sales: $17,221.79

“BYOB has increased our average per-cart sales, and helped us find which products are our best sellers. This has helped us tailor our marketing strategies for higher engagement!”

Ready to set up product bundles on your Shopify store?  Easy Bundles is the best Shopify product bundles app, letting you set up tailored strategies to upsell and cross-sell your products to increase your AOV. 

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