A Fitness Brand Made $889K in Extra Revenue With Checkout Wizard- A Metaflow Case Study

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Metaflow, a leading German health and wellness brand, sought to improve its upselling to boost revenue and support more customers in achieving their weight goals. Facing challenges in upselling effectively, Metaflow partnered with us to implement strategic solutions, resulting in a notable revenue increase. This case study outlines the challenges, strategies, and successful outcomes of Metaflow's initiative.

About Metaflow

Metaflow, established in 2022, quickly distinguished itself in the health and wellness sector with its metabolism shake, offering a refreshing alternative to conventional weight loss methods. Having sold over 18 million shakes and cultivating a robust community exceeding 50,000 members, Metaflow's commitment to innovation and quality is evident in its service to customers.


1. Concerns About Upselling: Despite Metaflow's strong product sales, they struggled to implement upselling throughout their store. One obstacle was their reluctance to oversell, fearing it could overwhelm customers and potentially impact conversions.

2. Lack of Consistent Customer Engagement: Metaflow had a tough time making sure customers stuck around. Even though they knew their products worked best over time, getting people to stay committed was hard. They had a four-step plan that required regular shake intake, but getting customers to stick with it until they reached their goal weight was a big challenge.

3. Improving Customer Experience: Metaflow's checkout lacked essential elements. The branding mismatch left customers skeptical upon reaching the checkout page. Moreover, there was significant unused space that could have been utilized to enhance customer value. Additionally, Metaflow wanted to clarify its policies to minimize return issues, especially with subscription and eight-week bundle purchases.


1. Migration to Checkout Extensions: With our assistance, Metaflow transitioned from checkout.liquid to checkout extensions, resulting in a significant improvement in their Shopify checkout speed. This change alone led to a remarkable increase in conversions, addressing the common issue of cart abandonment due to slow checkout.

2. Strategic Upsell Optimization: Metaflow already had an upsell strategy for their shaker on the cart, so we focused on promoting vitamins exclusively at the checkout. We did not want to overwhelm customers with multiple upsell options and instead offered the most relevant product at the checkout stage of their shopping journey.

We selected metabolism vitamins because they improve the effectiveness of the shakes, especially in the initial stages of weight loss. This helped show customers immediate results and pushed them to remain dedicated to Metaflow's products, increasing customer retention.

Upselling Vitamins on Checkout

This strategic approach seamlessly integrated with existing retention initiatives, such as build-your-own subscription bundles implemented using Easy Bundles, further solidifying Metaflow's position as a leader in the health and wellness industry.

3. Custom Branding: We helped Metaflow in aligning its checkout process with its brand identity. This crucial adjustment prevented customers from inconsistent branding, resulting in a smoother and more trustworthy shopping experience. As a result, skepticism decreased, and trust in Metaflow's store increased among customers. This improvement directly contributed to increased conversion rates, as customers were more likely to complete their purchases with confidence.

4. Clarifying Policies: We made sure that all policies regarding returns and subscriptions were displayed clearly. By placing this information in the footer of the checkout, customers could easily review it before finalizing their purchase. This helped in reducing unnecessary returns or confusion, benefiting both customers and Metaflow.

5. Post-Purchase Upsell: Metaflow is currently experimenting with post-purchase upselling in their store. This feature allows them to upsell items after the initial purchase without disrupting the existing checkout process. By offering convenience to customers and eliminating the need to refill their address and payment details, Metaflow aims to improve the post-purchase experience and maximize sales potential.


We integrated Checkout Wizard into Metaflow's Shopify Checkout and saw significant improvements in both upselling efficiency and revenue growth. This success was hinged on thoughtfully positioning upsell opportunities and transparently conveying policies, creating a smooth and confident checkout experience for their customers. We fine-tuned their upselling techniques by analyzing and tweaking our approach with up-to-the-minute data. This careful balance made sure that our efforts to boost sales also brought a better overall value for customers.


The implementation led to significant achievements:

Massive Upselling Revenue For Metaflow
  • Metaflow executed over 17,000 upsells through 590,000 block views, generating an additional 889,000 euros in revenue.
  • A specific four-month trial upsell strategy yielded 361,000 euros from 4,698 orders.
  • The checkout conversion rate remained stable at around 40%, indicating that our upselling strategies effectively increased revenue without deterring customers.


These results showcase our customized approaches' significant impact on improving Metaflow's strategies for upselling and boosting overall revenue. This success highlights the importance of strategic upselling and optimizing how we engage with customers in the eCommerce sector.

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