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Personalize to Maximize Revenue: Seen's Formula for Achieving 2.5X Conversions on Shopify

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Seen is a leading skin and hair care brand now famous for its unique way of suggesting products to customers. They integrate a product recommendation quiz into their Shopify store to guide customers to the perfect products.

Seen's Product Quiz

But why opt for making customers do a quiz instead of directly selling them?

We'll explore the strategic reasons behind this choice and reveal how it has boosted their conversion rates by an impressive 2.5 times.  We will also tell you the easiest way you can implement it in your Shopify store without any hassle with Byte.

About Seen

Seen was founded by Dr. Iris Rubin, a Harvard-trained dermatologist who faced personal challenges with acne triggered by hair products. Motivated by her own experiences, she set out to create a line of hair care solutions that are safe and effective for people with sensitive skin.

The brand is dedicated to creating safe and effective products for people with sensitive skin, ensuring that hair care does not compromise skin health.


Lack of Personalization

Hair care is an intensely personal matter, as no single product is universally suitable for everyone. Recognizing this, Seen wanted a way to recommend the most appropriate products for each customer individually. It was a necessity as misaligned product recommendations pose risks, potentially harming the user and damaging the brand's reputation.

Overflowing Queries

As Seen's brand popularity grew, so did the volume of customer inquiries. Customers frequently asked for advice on which products to use, leading to an overwhelming number of questions. This influx strained the team, as they were tasked with continuously responding to these queries.

Overcoming Low Conversion Rates

Seen faced a significant challenge with conversion rates. Many customers, uncertain about the safety and suitability of products for their skin and scalp, hesitated to make purchases. This uncertainty led to numerous products being added to shopping carts but not bought, resulting in disappointingly low conversions.


Seen tackled these challenges by introducing an interactive quiz on their Shopify site to gather essential information about each customer's hair type and care preferences. To encourage participation, they offered a 10% discount upon quiz completion and collected email addresses for further engagement. Here are some benefits of this approach:

  • Personalization: The quiz allows Seen to recommend perfectly matched products, improving its reputation and customer loyalty.
  • Reduced Queries: The quiz reduces customer queries by providing immediate, personalized guidance, streamlining support, and improving the customer experience.
  • Targeted Marketing: Using quiz data, Seen tailors email campaigns to individual needs, like promoting new products to relevant customers, making marketing more effective.
  • Increased Conversions: The quiz increases customer confidence, leading to higher conversion rates as customers feel assured their choices are well-suited to their needs.
  • Supportive Content: Seen provides informative blog posts to help customers understand their quiz results and learn more about the products, enhancing purchase likelihood.
  • Data For Future Improvements: Seen uses quiz data to better understand customer needs, allowing for more targeted product development and service improvements.


Seen has successfully implemented an interactive quiz through a third-party Shopify app, similar to Byte by Skai Lama, which gathers detailed information about customers' hair types, preferences, and goals. At the quiz's conclusion, customers have the option to submit their email, allowing Seen to collect valuable data for improved service and future marketing efforts.

To further refine its marketing strategy, Seen could consider integrating with third-party apps like Klaviyo, much like Byte does. This integration would allow Seen to utilize the quiz data for personalized email marketing campaigns, directly targeting customers' specific needs and preferences.

Bonus Tip - You can implement a skin care product recommendation quiz in no time with Byte's Skin Care Quiz Template. And the best part is you have a complete control over it's branding as well.


Seen has significantly increased customer engagement and potentially tripled its sales conversions with its product recommendation quiz. This quiz also allows Seen to collect direct data from customers, which they use to improve communication, tailor marketing efforts, and improve their products. This approach helps continuously grow their revenue and customer satisfaction.

You can do the same and much more with Byte Product Recommender Quiz (now with AI Quiz Builder!).

Time to increase your engagement and conversions by 2.5x with Byte Product Recommendation Quiz!

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