How Pilgrim processed 112K+ Free Gifts with Kite App

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Pilgrim, a renowned direct-to-consumer (DTC) beauty brand, is leading its way to create India’s prominent online beauty store. Pilgrim has utilized Shopify for their online store presence since 2019. This case study explores how Pilgrim integrated Kite: Free Gifts Shopify App by Skai Lama into their e-commerce strategy, significantly boosting their average order value and customer satisfaction by offering free gifts with purchases.

About Pilgrim

Founded on the principles of creating vegan-friendly, safe, and nature-inspired beauty products, Pilgrim aims to bring the secrets of global beauty rituals to its customers. With a strong commitment to authenticity and quality, Pilgrim offers a wide range of skincare, haircare, and body care products designed to provide a luxurious and effective beauty routine.


In a highly competitive beauty industry, Pilgrim sought innovative ways to differentiate itself, grab the attention of customers in a crowded market, and pave its way towards enhancing customer loyalty. The brand was looking for a solution that would not only incentivize purchases but also help them deliver a memorable present for their customers.


Pilgrim chose Kite: Free Gifts Shopify App by Skai Lama as a strategic solution to achieve its goals. The app allowed Pilgrim to offer free gifts to customers based on specific triggers, such as the purchase of particular items or reaching a certain order value. This strategy aimed to:

  1. Increase customer delight by rewarding purchases
  2. Enhance the perceived value of shopping with Pilgrim.
  3. Encourage higher order values to qualify for free gifts
  4. Introduce customers to a wider range of products


Pilgrim strategically implemented the Kite app by selecting gifts that complemented their existing product range, ensuring that the free items were both desirable and relevant to the customer's interests. The brand set up various campaigns within the app, targeting different customer actions and preferences. These campaigns were carefully monitored and adjusted based on performance data to maximize effectiveness and customer engagement.


The integration of the Kite: Free Gifts Shopify App proved to be a massive success for Pilgrim. The brand achieved remarkable results :

  1. Order Value: Pilgrim saw a significant increase in its order value, reaching a total of $1.3Mn during the campaign period.
  2. Free Gifts Availed: A total of 112K free gifts were claimed by customers, demonstrating high engagement and positive reception of the initiative.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Feedback indicated that customers appreciated the added value of free gifts, leading to higher satisfaction rates and repeat purchases.
  4. Product Discovery: The campaign also served as an effective product discovery tool, introducing customers to items they might not have otherwise considered.


Pilgrim's strategic use of Kite: Free Gifts Shopify App demonstrates an organic approach to enhancing customer experience. By offering free gifts, Pilgrim not only increased its order value but also had a network effect on their customer audience. The word about the free gifts spread quickly, resulting in a positive impact on their top-line.

About Kite: Free Gifts Shopify App

Kite by Skai Lama is a top-ranked Shopify app designed to enable online stores to offer free gifts with purchases. It offers customizable triggers, a wide range of campaign options, and detailed analytics to help brands enhance their promotional strategies and customer satisfaction.

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