How Hong Kong’s Jewelry Brand Increased Conversions with Free Gifts

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Riley Watson, a leading DTC jewelry brand based out of Hong Kong, is revolutionising the way fine jewelry is purchased online. This case study explores how Riley Watson integrated the Kite: Free Gifts Shopify App by Skai Lama into their e-commerce strategy, helping them to unlock new customer segments, increase AOV, conversion rate, and reduce abandoned carts.

About Riley Watson

Specializing in fine jewelry, Riley Watson offers an exquisite range of wedding and engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, focusing on craftsmanship and design. The brand prides itself on its bespoke collection and vibrant designs, appealing to a diverse clientele seeking meaningful and high-quality jewelry.

The founder, Riley Watson, was a visionary artisan with a passion for creating pieces that spoke to the heart. Her journey began when she noticed a gap in the market for high-quality, affordable jewelry. Riley wanted to craft pieces that were not just accessories but heirlooms, carrying stories and emotions within their delicate designs.


Competing in the luxury jewelry market, Riley Watson encountered the challenge of differentiating itself in a saturated industry.

Initially established as a retail shop, the brand recognized the demand from Millennials and Gen Z who preferred online shopping. Establishing an online sales channel posed a challenge in gaining trust and credibility among its consumer base.

Given the high customer acquisition cost (CAC), Riley aimed to not only attract customers but also foster repeat purchase to increase the overall customer lifetime value (CLV).

Additionally, introducing customers to various types of jewelry was another hurdle, as it aimed to expand their preferences and promote cross-selling opportunities, which can increase overall sales for Riley.


To address this, Riley Watson embraced a unique approach by integrating a free gifts campaign into their sales strategy with Kite. Kite allowed Riley to offer free gifts on specific products and total cart amount, enhancing the customer's purchasing experience and value proposition. They started to offer free gifts to help customers discover their other ranges as well.


The brand carefully selected complementary gifts that resonated with their product line and customer preferences, implementing a series of targeted campaigns to engage customers and incentivize higher purchases. For example, someone who added a bracelet to their cart was given a free gift, such as a ring.


  • The strategy led to a notable increase in total sales, reaching $302K in less than 10 weeks.
  • A total of over 10.2K free gifts were offered.
  • This approach not only improved sales but also reduced abandoned carts.
  • With Kite, Riley increased customer delight and significantly improved the cart-to-conversion rate.
  • There was a surge in page views for other product categories within the store.


Riley Watson's implementation of a free gifts campaign highlighted the brand's innovative approach to marketing and conversion. This initiative has not only augmented sales but also enhanced the brand's identity as a trustworthy jewelry brand. The brand was able to increase customer retention, setting an example of customer-centric strategies in the luxury jewelry market.

About Kite: Free Gifts Shopify App

Kite by Skai Lama is a top-ranked Shopify app designed to enable online stores to offer free gifts with purchases. It offers customizable triggers, a wide range of campaign options, and detailed analytics to help brands enhance their promotional strategies and customer satisfaction.

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