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How Mellow Fellow Made an Extra $1500 By Upselling on Checkout

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Industry - CBD Industry

Mellow Fellow is a renowned cannabis brand. They offer a range of products like Gummy Bears, Vape, Prerolls, and Vape refills to their customers. In their Shopify store, they wanted to upsell more to increase their Average Order Value (AOV). To achieve that, they started using an app for upselling but got unsatisfactory results. So, they turned to Checkout Wiz.

After using Checkout Wiz, they got 10X better results. But what did we help them do differently to bring such results?

Let’s see, how they achieved a better AOV from upselling correctly and effectively.


Mellow Fellow faced challenges in upselling their products, and hence they were unable to increase their AOV. Their primary issues were:

  1. Ineffective Upselling Techniques: Mellow Fellow's existing upselling methods were not successfully pushing customers to purchase additional products, impacting AOV growth.
  2. Poorly Matched Product Recommendations: The recommendations for additional purchases were not always relevant or appealing to the customers. This lack of personalization and alignment with customer preferences resulted in missed opportunities for upselling.
  3. Lack of Upsell Optimization: Mellow Fellow's upsell strategy was not effectively targeting crucial moments in the customer's shopping journey, such as checkout. This lead to a lower upsell conversion rate.

Also, Mellow Fellow's challenges were compounded by additional fees from their upsell app, which ate into profits, and a lack of brand alignment in the upsell block from the app.

These challenges made it clear that Mellow Fellow needed a more effective and holistic approach to upselling. One that would not only increase their AOV but also align with their products.


Here's how we helped them resolve the issues to increase their upsells:

1. Implemented rule-based upsells: We introduced a systematic approach to upselling. This involved:

  • Suggesting batteries along with refills for vapes.
  • Pairing edibles with vapes based on their respective collections.
  • Upselling new flavors different from those already selected by the customer in their cart.
  • Applying a 20% discount on every upsell item, adding an additional incentive for customers to increase their purchases.

2. Conducted A/B testing: We performed A/B testing to determine the effectiveness of upsell offers on the post-purchase page versus the checkout page. We specifically focused on identifying the most effective position for upselling on the checkout page.

3. Utilized Checkout Wiz: Based on the A/B test results, we shifted the same upsell offer to one of the checkouts using Checkout Wiz, as it was working better.

This approach provided effective results because:

  1. Cater to customer needs: The upsell offer was tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer. If a customer is getting a new cartridge, there is a high chance they are using their vape for a long time and need new batteries.
  2. Upsell at the right place: A/B testing helped to identify the optimal location for the upsell offer, leading to a higher conversion rate.
  3. Consistent Branding: We used consistent branding on their Shopify checkout with the help of Checkout Wiz. This helped build trust with the customer and create a more seamless upselling experience.

By implementing these strategies, we were able to generate higher conversions, eliminate upselling fees, and provide upsell offers that aligned with the customers while maintaining a seamless checkout.


Mellow Fellow initially had 546 views on their upsell block, resulting in a conversion rate of only 3.66% and 20 orders, generating a mere revenue of $160.

After implementing Checkout Wiz, the results significantly improved. They received 2925 views on their upsell block, which led to 288 orders i.e. 10% conversion, showing a 6% increase in conversion rate.

As a result, Mellow Fellow generated total revenue of $1.5k from upsells, showcasing the effectiveness of upsell offers.

The improved performance in upsell conversions was achieved within a span of just three months, highlighting the quick and positive impact of implementing Checkout Wiz

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