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How a Baby Brand Made $300K With Product Bundling - A Lil Helper Case Study

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Lil Helper made over $303k and sold more than 4000 bundles in just 4 months because they adopted the right product bundling strategy. Let’s dive into what they did right so that you can learn from them and replicate such results for your store.

Lil Helper is a Canadian store known for its reusable baby and women's products. Aware that parents often prefer purchasing multiple items at once for convenience and value, Lil Helper aimed to improve their bundling offerings. The goal was to deliver a more streamlined and convenient shopping experience for their customers who prefer bundles to save time and money.

By introducing carefully curated bundles, Lil Helper met and exceeded customer expectations to showcase the effectiveness of product bundling as a retail strategy.

This case study examines how Easy Bundles not only provided Lil Helper with an optimal bundling solution but also streamlined its operations, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased revenue through product bundling.


  • Offer multiple bundle types: Lil Helper identified the need to increase and diversify their bundle offerings to better showcase their products and enhance upselling opportunities. They aimed to experiment with a wider variety of bundles across four main categories: "Baby," "Nursing," "Family," and "Menstrual," introducing multiple options within each to cater to diverse customer needs. They sought to do this without complicating operations to make sure there's something for everyone in their online store.
  • Increasing AOV with Appealing Bundles:  Lil Helper wanted to boost their sales by updating their bundles, focusing on retaining only the most profitable ones that resonate well with customers. To achieve this, they were looking for detailed analytics to strategically determine which bundles to keep. By identifying the best-performing bundles, Lil Helper aimed to increase their AOV while making shopping easier for their customers, as they can easily find the best option.
  • Letting Customers Create Their Own Bundles: Lil Helper faced the challenge of meeting the varied needs of the baby and mom products market, where preferences for sizes, designs, colors, and personal considerations differ widely. To address this, Lil Helper aimed to introduce a feature that allowed customers to create their own bundles. This wanted to empower shoppers to select products that perfectly match their individual needs and preferences, thereby making the shopping experience more personal, enjoyable, and aligned with the diverse demands of the baby and mom products market.
  • Incorrect SKU: The app they previously used had a lot of bugs, causing inconsistencies in stock-keeping unit (SKU) tracking. Sometimes bundles were incorrectly counted as a single product, leading to inventory management nightmares, operational inefficiencies, and delays in order fulfillment. Such inefficiency not only affected them but their customer experience as well.
  • Inconsistent Discounts: Due to another bug in that app, discounts applied by customers sometimes did not appear on the payment page. Also, there were issues with applying multiple discounts. This confusion led to cart abandonment, negatively affecting Lil Helper's average order value (AOV) and brand reputation.
  • Complex Setup Process: The cumbersome setup process with the previous app was frustrating for Lil Helper, further compounding their challenges. It was clear that the effort invested did not justify the outcomes.


1. Expanding Product Bundles: Lil Helper addressed the challenge of expanding their bundle types and diversifying their products by switching to Easy Bundles. With Easy Bundles, they were able to quickly set up and launch over 20 unique bundles to meet various customer needs, thanks to our guided setup process, which includes FAQs, tutorial videos, and responsive customer support.

By organizing these bundles into four main categories—Baby, Nursing, Family, and Menstrual — Lil Helper was able to offer a variety of options in each group without complicating their operations and improve their upselling opportunities.

Expanding Product Bundles

2.Data-Driven Easy Customization: As they constantly experimented with different bundles, the Shopify-native interface of our app made branding and customization straightforward for them. Once they understood the app, they were able to quickly navigate and customize their bundles according to data. Easy Bundles' detailed analytics not only identified the most popular bundles through easy-to-read pie charts but also tracked customer engagement, showing how many viewed and purchased each bundle.

Additionally, for customers who preferred to create their own bundles, the analytics provided insights into the most frequently chosen products, enabling Lil Helper to better understand customer preferences.

Data-Driven Easy Customization

3.Boosting AOV Through Strategic Bundles: Lil Helper used Easy Bundles' detailed analytics to pinpoint which bundles were most profitable by analyzing their earnings from individual bundles. This approach allowed them to keep only the bundles that resonated well with customers and were financially beneficial. This strategic selection helped increase their average order value (AOV) by promoting only the best-performing bundles.

For example, the “HyPs Multi-Pack” in the women's category and the “Cloth Diaper Day Pack” showed strong performance, so they kept it for a longer time and still offer it. However, they stopped offering less successful options like the quick starter kit for women and babies to provide an easy shopping experience and to focus on high-value offerings.

4. Custom Bundle Creation: Lil Helper launched a "build your own bundle" feature through Easy Bundles, addressing the personalized shopping demands in the baby and mom sector. Customers can now tailor their purchases to fit exact preferences, such as size, color, and gender for a better shopping experience.

This customization is key in a market with diverse family needs, allowing for the selection of products like cloth diapers and nursing pads to fit specific requirements. Whether it's choosing the perfect cloth diaper color, selecting the right size of nursing pads, or combining baby care products that meet specific health standards. The BYOB feature not only caters to individual preferences but also boosts purchases with discounts for larger bundles, increasing customer satisfaction and sales. This initiative strengthens Lil Helper's customer-centric approach in a competitive market.

Custom Bundle Creation

5. Correct SKU Updates: Easy Bundles employs the latest Shopify technology instead of outdated "draft order" methods, to effectively resolve SKU discrepancies. This strategy ensures precise inventory tracking and faster order fulfillment. By focusing on merchant store theme integration and applying our expertise, we've simplified operations and eliminated the need for manual SKU adjustments.

6. Discount Consistency: By smartly utilizing Shopify's native discount APIs, Easy Bundles fixed the discount issues, letting customers stack discounts smoothly. This improvement not only reduced cart abandonment rates but also provided a better overall shopping experience. We worked with their team to test it out so that they don’t face this problem again.


With Easy Bundles, Lil Helper has generated over $303k from bundle sales alone. Notably, the "HyPs Multi-Pack" bundle stands out, contributing $121k from 1,200+ orders, due to its high visibility with 25K views. Another big seller, the "Lifesaver Multi-Pack," earned $60k from 495 orders. These top bundles helped push Lil Helper's bundle sales over $180k. And just in the last month, they've sold $75k worth of bundles.

This case study compellingly shows how the right tool selection can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. It also highlights the significant revenue growth potential that can be unlocked with the right app and efficient bundling strategies.

To get similar or even better results for your store, install Easy Bundles on your Shopify store.

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