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Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales on Your Online Store (2024)

Skai Lama
December 1, 2023

As we inch closer to the new year, it's time to pencil in those fresh goals and get ready for success. Behind every solid goal lies an even stronger strategy. But here's the kicker— the right apps can make those strategies even more successful.

Whether you're flaunting discounts, saving abandoned carts, or gunning for the top spot on search engines, you need the right apps to succeed. 

That's where our guide comes in— a curated selection of the best Shopify apps to perform every needed function effectively. So, let's get started!

Best Shopify apps for more sales

In each category—whether it's advertising, cart recovery, content marketing, or SEO—there are a lot of the best Shopify tools ready for use. 

So, we have made your decision-making process easier by compiling some of the best options in each of the categories below. 


1. Clever 

Once your eCommerce store is up and running, it's crucial to maximize the potential of the popular search engine—Google. Clever assists you in analyzing data, products, and keywords, enabling the creation and successful management of Google ad campaigns. 

With Clever eCommerce, your products gain visibility across Google Search, Google Display, and Google Shopping, ensuring a widespread online presence.

2. Omega 

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms for running ads and showcasing your products to your desired audience. 

But the competition in the space is at an all-time high. That's where you need detailed insights to thrive. Omega Facebook Pixel offers expert tracking, delving into the specifics of your campaigns.

It accurately traces every conversion, transforming the details into a comprehensive report that aids in running more successful advertising campaigns.

Cart modification 

3. Checkout Wiz


One of the best apps to customize your Shopify store checkout, Checkout Wiz comes with a suite of features that ensure your online store conversion rate soars. From giving you the ability to display upsell offers, add free shipping bars and banners, FAQs to collecting customer information on the thank you page or conducting post-purchase surveys, the app enables you to do it all. 

The app also gives you the ability to customize shipping and payment pages by reordering, hiding, renaming shipping and payment methods based on various rules. Install it on Shopify today

4. Giftkart 

Another app we recommend under cart modification is Giftkart, which unleashes the power of gift cards on your Shopify store. The all-in-one gift card suite enables you to create branded digital gift card campaigns, retain customers through bulk gift card campaigns, issue refunds as store credits, run reward and loyalty campaigns, and more.

The app is designed to help your Shopify store increase the average order value through personalized gifting experiences, and also win back high value customers.

Install it on Shopify today!

5. All-in-one discount on cart

Online shoppers really like discount codes, and they often make a big difference in convincing people to buy. 

If you want your online store to show and accept discount codes easily, you should use an app like All-in-one discount.  The app not only helps with applying discounts but also tells customers how much money they're saving during checkout, giving them another reason to make a purchase. 

With features like automatic discounts and pop-up widgets promoting discount coupons, this app ensures you get the most out of all the coupons and codes you provide.

6. Buy-me sticky button

When customers are all set to grab a product, they want the whole buying process to be quick. Otherwise, the cart abandonment rate goes through the roof.

That's where our next of the best Shopify apps, the Buy-Me Sticky Button, swoops in.

This handy button/bar lets customers effortlessly toss products into their carts, and cool animations make the shopping experience even better. No need to stress about brand consistency either – the Buy-Me Button automatically matches your store's branding.

Moreover, the platform offers seasonal themes as well to delight your customers. 

7. Slide cart drawer

Customers love unlocking rewards, and the Slide Cart Drawer app helps you turn that love into boosted sales. The rewards are tied to their spending- the more they spend, the juicier the rewards.

As they load up their carts, you can hit them with tempting upsell offers, discount codes, and more. It's like throwing a mini shopping party right into their cart.

Moreover, the app lets you create compelling backgrounds, action-packed texts, animations, and more, adding an extra touch of excitement to their shopping experience.

Cart recovery

8. Optimonk

Optimonk assists you in crafting personalized pop-ups that effectively convert visitors into potential leads. The platform enables you to efficiently gather email addresses and conduct A/B tests, all seamlessly managed by AI.

The pop-ups generated by AI on this platform are tailored to individual user behavior or traffic sources. And the best part? You can make adjustments easily without the need for any coding knowledge. 

9. TxtCart- SMS marketing

TxtCart is another app for Shopify you can use to boost your SMS marketing efforts. It excels in recovering abandoned carts and refining customer segmentation for better data understanding.

What makes Txtcart stand out? Its built-in SMS compliance measures and real-time analytics provide a seamless and compliant experience. Syncing data with your Shopify store is also effortless, with just a single click, giving you the ability to not just promote the products and deals, but also take orders using two-way SMS campaigns. 

10. Interakt

Interakt is one of the popular Shopify apps to increase sales using WhatsApp. Users greatly appreciate the delivery of their preferred catalogs directly to WhatsApp. Interakt helps in doing that on a larger scale.

In particular, it allows you to send personalized reminders for products hanging in your customers' shopping carts.

The auto-replies further ensure you don’t leave your customers waiting. This not only heightens customer engagement but also increases the likelihood of customers completing their purchases.

11. PushOwl

While searching for Shopify apps to increase sales, PushOwl is an option you shouldn’t miss. With a single click, it transforms store visitors into customers, all without requiring any personal information.

Simply send out targeted push notifications showcasing your best products and irresistible offers. These notifications pop up on their screens, prompting immediate conversions and turning potential customers into actual buyers with ease.

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Content marketing 

12. Mintt- instafeed

Is your Instagram filled with photos, videos, and reels you've put time into? If so, consider sharing them on your Shopify store with Mintt-Instafeed. It's a quick way to add your Instagram content to your online store. 

Such additions can help build trust with customers and encourage them to buy. Moreover, it benefits your Instagram by gaining more followers. 

13. Related blog posts pro

If your blog section has been around for a while, chances are there's a lot of content for visitors to explore. Why not enhance their browsing experience by recommending related posts?

With Related Blog Post Pro, you can effortlessly suggest relevant articles throughout your Shopify blog. For example, after someone completes reading a blog post, you can recommend similar articles to keep them engaged. 

Furthermore, the fully customizable settings enable you to enhance relevance and have control over what content to display and how to present it. 

14. POWR- photo gallery/lookbook

Photo Gallery LookBook stands out as one of the best Shopify apps for showcasing product images in your store. It excels in presenting visuals in a compelling manner, leading to increased visitor engagement

And guess what? When your photo gallery has a shoppable appearance, it contributes to a boost in sales over time.

15. Vidjet- shoppable videos

Using videos is a powerful way to grab visitor attention. Vidjet is one of the popular Shopify apps designed to make this process easier. You can effortlessly import videos from external sources and showcase them on your Shopify store

The impact is substantial, increasing the time visitors spend on your web pages and leading to a noticeable boost in on-site sales.

Direct marketing

16. IgnitePOST

In a world dominated by digital communication, IgnitePOST stands out by delivering a personal touch straight to your customers. It sends personalized handwritten cards to delight your customers. 

These thoughtful notes create a lasting impression on customers. And when it does, customers return to the brand for more purchases. 

17. PostPilot 

PostPilot is one of the best Shopify apps that simplifies the process of running one-off or triggered postcard campaigns to reach your customers effortlessly. 

Unlike emails that may be overlooked as spam, direct marketing with postcards adds a personal touch that encourages customers to take notice. 

Email marketing 

18. Orderly 

While Shopify's standard order confirmation emails get the job done, OrderlyEmails goes above and beyond mere updates. It delivers emails with your unique branding, includes discount and upsell offers, showcases recommended products, and offers much more

With their customizable email templates, you can also enhance and personalize customer communication. 

19. Omnisend 

Omnisend is one the best Shopify apps to increase sales using email marketing. With ready-made templates, you can simplify your abandoned cart and welcome email workflows.

The platform also helps in growing your email list with popups, signup forms, and more.

With over 20 ready-made automation, it helps in not just managing but actively increasing sales through strategic email marketing initiatives. 


20. Hextom announcement bar 

Hextom helps in the easy creation of fully customizable banners on your website with just a few clicks.  These banners ensure you promote your offers strategically, considering factors like geo-location to optimize customer engagement and encourage repeat visits.

21. Essential countdown timer bar

Boost urgency and create FOMO with an essential countdown timer bar, as people are quick to make purchases when they see a clock ticking.

Whether it's for everyday sales, promoting special offers during holidays, or launching new products, this app serves as a versatile tool.

eCommerce brands particularly find it valuable during major sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM).

22. UpPromote

UpPromote is one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales through affiliate marketing. With its flexible commission options, automated coupons, and affiliate links, it establishes a robust affiliate setup. This configuration promotes efficient collaboration with customers, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. 

23. Shopify collabs

Shopify Collabs is an effective tool for collaborating with creators and influencers to promote your products, ultimately driving sales. It allows you to customize your creator application page to attract collaborators you want to work with.

Moreover, Shopify Collabs provides a Collabs creator network, enabling you to send program invites with perks and gifts. 

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24. BSS: product labels and badges

Captivating labels and badges can significantly influence customer purchasing decisions. BSS Product Labels and Badges is a tool designed to help you create these attention-grabbing elements.

You have the option to either upload your images or choose from a library of pre-existing ones. What sets it apart is the variety it offers across categories, whether it's for events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM), Christmas, New Year, or more. 

25. Referral Candy

ReferralCandy stands out as one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales through referrals, affiliates, and rewards. It eases out the process of retaining and rewarding customers for referring their friends, making customer engagement more effective.

Moreover, it integrates with other popular tools such as Klaviyo, Skio, Appstle, and more. 


26. TinyIMG

The loading speed of your page plays a vital role in determining the time visitors spend on it.  Tinyimg's Auto Page Speed Optimizer is designed to guarantee swift page loading, contributing to a better user experience.

The tool provides various SEO features, including an image compressor, alt text generator, and broken link detection. These functionalities collectively assist in optimizing your store for improved search engine rankings. 

27. Hyperspeed

Hyperspeed is another one of the best Shopify apps for improving page loading times. Packed with features, it effectively boosts both mobile and desktop site speed. 

Its automatic monitoring ensures that new additions like apps and images don't negatively impact the page loading speed. Such monitoring is crucial because even a slight increase in page loading time can significantly impact conversions. 

Upsell and Cross-sell

28. Easy bundles

Bundle deals are highly effective in increasing your Average Order Value (AOV). Easy Bundles takes this a step further by allowing customers to build their own bundles. 

With Custom Bundles, customers have the freedom to mix, match, and add their preferred products to create a personalized box. The key is offering tiered bundled discounts to motivate them to craft these bundles and make more purchases. 

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The above list of best Shopify apps is enough whether you want to boost sales, create more awareness, or up those rankings on search engines. 

We understand how important it is to cater to different categories. That’s why we are continuously developing apps that take the burden off your shoulder. 

So, follow our blog for more insightful content and app suggestions! 

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