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15 Best Checkout Extensibility Apps Shopify to Customize Checkout Experiences (2024)

Skai Lama
July 31, 2023

The checkout process of your Shopify store can make or break your sale - and the value of it too. If the checkout procedure is excessively difficult or lengthy, 60% of customers are likely to leave their cart. This means you are losing more than half of your sales due to unoptimized checkout experiences. 

And if you’re not using the shopping-ready psychology of the buyer during checkout to its full advantage, you’re losing an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell. 

That’s why it’s important for brands to focus on customizing their checkout process - not just to reduce the friction to buy and reduce cart abandonment, but to also tap into the opportunity to sell more. 

While Shopify has recently launched Checkout UI Extensions to enable this customization, the capability is reserved only for Shopify plus merchants. In fact, there are several Shopify checkout apps being developed using this new technology for Plus merchants. 

So is Shopify checkout customization only possible for Plus stores? 

Well, the answer is no. 

In this post, we’re going to list out Shopify checkout apps that use Checkout Extensibility for Plus merchants, but some that also enable customization to other stores.   

15 Best Shopify Checkout Extensibility Apps 

While each of the Shopify checkout apps below come with a powerful set of features for online stores, we do recommend first analyzing the stage you are at. By looking into your checkout analytics, you will be able to identify the common drop-off points, how you need to keep the customer engaged and implement strategies accordingly. 

1. Checkout Wizard

One of the major antagonists in checkout cart abandonment is the complicated payment process and frustrating checkout page layout that makes the customer checkout experience cumbersome and off-putting. Big money is being lost along with each customer.

The solution here is to simplify your checkout page, optimize it, and craft a Shopify custom checkout. Customizing your checkout to better suit your customer’s needs, not only saves your sales but also enhances your purchase funnels for the best results. How do you do this? One of the best answers would easily be Checkout Wizard.

Checkout Wizard optimizes the checkout process by minimizing friction and providing a seamless experience for customers. The amount of control you can wield over your checkout process with this app itself makes it one of the best Shopify checkout apps. 

Checkout Wizard

With features that enable addressing autocomplete and Shopify one-click checkout, it reduces the steps required to complete a purchase, resulting in higher conversion rates and reduced cart abandonment. The app lets you optimize checkout by enabling customization for payments, shipping and even your content. Some of the strengths of Checkout Wizard include:

  • AI recommended and manual recommendations for upselling.
  • Complete branding control.
  • Checkout Upsell for increasing AOV.
  • Based on rules, hide, reorder, and rename payment and shipping methods.

Checkout Wizard has a free plan and a paid plan priced at $249/month. You can also avail the 10-day free trial to experience the full scope of the app before doubling down for purchase.

To leverage Checkout Wizard to it's full extent, migrate your Shopify checkout from Checkout.liquid to Checkout extensions. Here's a short video to get you started in 6 easy steps -

2. Checkout Promotions 

Checkout Promotions 

Another popular Shopify checkout app is Checkout Promotions. The app comes with the ability to leverage a collection of highly robust visibility rules that help show customers one-click post purchase upsell promotions after an order payment has been made. Some of its key features include: 

  • Creating single and multi-product upsell promotions
  • Promotion display rules based on customer, product and order properties 
  • Built-in A/B testing to optimize upsell strategy 

Checkout Promotions offers a 7-days free trial and an always free plan for upto 100 orders. Their paid plans start from $19/ month. 

3. Checkout Blocks 

Checkout Blocks

Another one of the Shopify checkout apps that offers the most flexibility is Checkout Blocks. The app offers a drag and drop editor that lets you add/ remove/ edit blocks to show upsells, cross-sells, free shipping tiers, content, address validation and more. It also additionally offers customer segmentation based on products in cart, UTM parameters, shipping country, currency, language and more. Some of its key features include: 

  • Drag and drop editor for checkout customization 
  • Add custom fields to checkout for gift message, delivery date/notes, and more
  • Hide, rename and reorder delivery and payment methods using Shopify Functions
  • Block unsupported address types with address validation for deliverability

Checkout Blocks offers a 7-days free trial, with paid plans starting from $99/ month and goes upto $499/ month, based on the features you need to access. 

4. OrderBump


One common question every business strives to answer and imply is how to sell more and sell better. Clever upselling is one of the best answers that promise results. And OrderBump helps you do exactly that!

OrderBump optimizes the checkout process by increasing the average order value. It is incredibly easy to set up and allows you to customize various aspects of the cart and checkout page seamlessly. By presenting additional offers on the checkout page, this app provides an opportunity to upsell and increase revenue. Customizable templates and advanced targeting options ensure that upselling opportunities are maximized.

Some of its features are:

  • Lets you enable relevant upsell and cross-sell offers based on cart value, product tags etc.
  • One-click post-purchase upsell
  • AI automated upsell to provide customers with relevant upsell offers.
  • For Shopify Plus, it enables modifying checkout pages for order bump upsell.

With a 14-Day free trial, OrderBump’s plans start from $39/month for standard Shopify users. The Shopify Plus plan of the app can be accessed at $139/month.

5. Checkout Comments Checkout Comments Checkout Comments is a Shopify checkout app that addresses one of the most critical aspects in the end-of-the-funnel stage- customer feedback. By letting your business gather useful customer information and feedback, Checkout Comments aid in checkout process optimization.

By adding custom fields to the checkout page for feedback and comments you can collect data that will help you improve your products, the customer experience, and the personalization of subsequent interactions. The app lets you preview the comments and display them on your product pages. This way, your checkout pages can engage buyers and contribute to the organic growth of your business. Some of its pros include:

  • Lets you customize checkout comment questions.
  • Customizable checkout field for customer comments.
  • Customize texts to align with the brand’s tone.
  • Auto-publish or enable manual curation for checkout comments.
  • 24x7 support available via mail or chat.

The best part is that Checkout Comments is completely free to use!

6. Delivery Timer: Order Timeline

Delivery Timer: Order Timeline

Customer anxiety is at its peak during checkouts and one contributing factor to this anxiety is the delivery time. Customers are bound to wonder about when the product will reach them. Customers will be more at ease if information like shipping time and ETAs are provided to them by the business.

This is where the Shopify checkout app Delivery Timer comes into play. The app helps you reduce the checkout friction that stems from customers’ uncertainty regarding delivery timelines. It does this by allowing you to display information regarding delivery estimation, shipping date estimation, dispatch time and cut-off times. Displaying estimated delivery times improves transparency and sets clear expectations for customers, making customers feel more at ease regarding the order.

Here are some major pros of the app:

  • Clear dispatch & delivery information at checkout.
  • “Get it by” countdown and delivery timer for alleviating customer anxiety.
  • Visual timeline from order placement to order delivery providing better transparency.

The app is free to install with paid plans starting from $7.99/month.

7. Auto Currency Switcher

Auto Currency Switcher

What do you do when your products have a global audience and currencies complicate your checkout? You can sell globally by adding a good currency converter to your Shopify store. And that’s where Auto Currency Converter comes in.

The Shopify checkout app Auto Currency Switcher automatically translates pricing to visitors' local currencies based on the locations of those visitors. This app enables you to add a simple, easy-to-use currency converter widget to your store. The app displays clean and well-rounded pricing and the UX design is simply beautiful!

Through the use of this app, businesses can eliminate any uncertainty that might arise while shopping in a different currency, resulting in a more streamlined and convenient checkout procedure. Some of its features include-

  • Customization option for the switcher design.
  • Location-based automatic country conversion.
  • Utilises Shopify payments to accept payments in the client's native currency
  • Enabling rules for rounding and displaying clean prices.
  • Adjusting and modifying the switcher position on the page.

Auto Currency Switcher has a free plan and paid plans starting from $9.95/month.

8. Trust Me ‑ Trust Badges & Icon

Trust Me ‑ Trust Badges & Icon

Another common reason for customers to feel unsure at checkout is their lack of trust in the credibility of a business. You need to convince customers of your credibility and trustworthiness, in order to make them feel easy about conducting business with you. There are many ways of doing this, one of them being trust badges.

Trust Badge from SEOAnt is a solution that allows you to display trust badges and icons on your checkout page, assuring customers of the security and reliability of your store. These badges, such as SSL seals, payment icons, and customer reviews, help build trust and credibility, ultimately increasing conversion rates and reducing cart abandonment. These are some of the features of the app_

  • Simple one-click favorite badge selection.
  • Payment badges for mobile and customizable icon sizes.
  • Different shipping badges.
  • Customizable badge placement.

The app is free to install and use, making it one of the best essential Shopify checkout apps to have.

9. Cartly Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

Cartly Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

The Cartly Cart Drawer app has a unique position in this list for the amount of features and comprehensive solutions it provides you. It is a 4 in 1 app that lets you enable a cart drawer, sticky “add to cart” and checkout bar and a customizable Buy Now button. This means, with a single app you can customize and enhance your checkout page in multiple ways for the best optimization. The ATC feature makes it an efficient one-page checkout Shopify app. The app also lets you provide customers with multiple payment alternatives. Customers can pay later over time with Klarna, AfterPay or similar installment providers. Some of its best features are-

  • Flexible sticky “Add to Cart” for easy one-page checkout.
  • Ajax cart drawer allowing in-cart upsell.
  • Pop-up cart page with skip to checkout button.
  • Sticky ATC at the bottom of the store page.
  • Allows for fast checkout by sending customers to the checkout page from any store page.

Cartly Cart Drawer is free to install and the paid plans begin from $9.95/month.

10. Warnify Pro Warnings

Warnify Pro Warnings

Transparency builds trust and trust is essential to reduce your checkout cart abandonment. For this reason, you as a business are expected to notify and alert customers about delays or other critical information that they as the customer have a right to know.

Warnify helps you provide customers with critical information before they move on to checkout. This helps reduce misunderstanding which might later lead to cancellation after the checkout stage. Additionally, Warnify enables you to deliver pop-ups prior to checkout or when items are added to the shopping cart. Here are some more features that this Shopify checkout app arms you with-

  • Craft global warnings or warnings targeted to products, models, or collections.
  • Send warnings targeted to specific countries or states.
  • Customizable buttons, icons and warning designs.
  • Ability to entirely disallow products that are involved under specific warnings.

There is a free version of the app with paid plans starting from $9.95/month.

11. Rushy Scarcity Countdown Timer

Rushy Scarcity Countdown Timer

Rushy Scarcity Cart Countdown Timer leverages the psychological principle of scarcity to optimize the checkout process. By highlighting limited-time offers or promotions through a clever visual scarcity countdown timer, this app works by encouraging customers to make faster purchase decisions, reducing cart abandonment and increasing conversions. The sales timer also comes with a lot of beautiful holiday-themed presets that add to the positive appeal of your checkout pages. Below are some of the features that Rushy offers.

  • Single click to create a sense of urgency and scarcity.
  • Empty customers' carts automatically when the timer reaches 00:00.
  • Ability to make product-specific sales countdown timers.
  • “Cart Reserved” notice for product pages, cart pages etc.

The app has a 7-day free trial and a basic plan priced at $2.99/month. Rushy is free to install but you can also opt for a “Pay-as-you-go” plan where you could pay per unique impressions of the Countdown timer.

12. Zonos Duty and Tax

Zonos Duty and Tax

Zonos Duty and Tax optimize the checkout process for international sales by providing transparency regarding additional costs. By accurately calculating duty and tax amounts and allowing international customers to pay duties, taxes, and fees, this app prevents surprises for customers. This results in a smoother cross-border shopping experience and increased customer satisfaction, indicating a good checkout experience. Here are some of the pro points that make Zonos a great checkout app-

  • Remitting VAT and removing the need to register for IOSS or obtain UK VAT ID.
  • Complete control over shipping rates by letting you connect your own carrier accounts.
  • Discounts of up to 50% on carrier import fees.
  • Create cross-border labels with prefilled customs papers easily.

The plans start from $208.33, with a 14-day free trial available.

13. HidePay Hide Payments 

HidePay Hide Payments 

eCommerce businesses lose a lot of revenue handling chargebacks and disputes. HidePay is a Shopify checkout customization app that enables you to hide and sort certain payment methods to reduce chargebacks, unwanted taxes and shipping fees. This makes it possible to also tailor the checkout options to your customers, making it easier for them to complete purchases. Here are some of its key features: 

  • Hide by cart total, products, discount, tag, currency, country, shipping options
  • Hide by custom product, order weight, payment methods, customer spent & more
  • Hide payment gateways that don’t allow or charge too much for small transactions
  • Hide & sort Payment Methods during the check out using by different rules

HidePay offers a free plan that lets you set upto 5 checkout payment rules; the premium plan comes at $3.99/ month.  

14. Reconvert upsell and cross-sell 

Reconvert upsell and cross-sell 

Another app that enables you to customize your Shopify checkout experience is Reconvert. The app is built to help online stores tailor the thank you page shown to buyers after they complete placing an order. Some of its key features for post-purchase checkout customization include: 

  • Easily build and manage checkout upsell with a drag and drop editor 
  • Use deep segmentation to trigger bundle upsell, cross sell, one-click upsell, etc 
  • Run surveys, collect birthdays, run product, subscription and bundle upsells, and more 

ReConvert offers a free plan with limited customization features, but has paid plans from $4.99/ month to $14.99/ month that offer more features. 

15. community verification community verification

Another way to customize Shopify checkout is to integrate community verification. enables online stores to create and offer exclusive discounts based on configurations that define specific target audience segments. Some of its features include: 

  • Collect rich customer data for your analytics team and marketing personalization 
  • Integrate the button on your cart, checkout or landing page offers a 7-days free trial, post which the app can be used for $50/ month. 

15. Postcode Shipping - Shopify App

Boost Sales & Avoid Lost Revenue from Surprise Shipping Costs with Carrier Calculated Shipping Rates

  • Shipping Rates in the Cart: For countries, regions, neighborhoods, & post codes
  • Calculate Shipping Rates: Based on location, postal code, weight, cart contents
  • Shipping Rate Tiers: Extensive shipping support on a local & global basis
  • Product Groups: Offer unique shipping rates based on specific products
  • Advanced Shipping Rules: Easily test delivery rates across your zones

Postcode Shipping offers a 7-days free trial, post which the app can be used for $20/ month. 

Optimize the Checkout Page to Seal Deals Better!

The ease and quickness of your checkout page can make or break a sale. 

As you know, a poorly made checkout page inevitably leads to cart abandonment, which takes a huge toll on your business. And preventing this starts with the understanding that customers prefer an uncomplicated and faster checkout process, where any sort of obstruction is absent.

This is why you need a customized, well-optimized checkout page, that can enhance the customer’s checkout experience. 

The featured Shopify Checkout apps from the above list offer a wide range of features designed to streamline and optimize the checkout experience so that your customers will stick to the end of the purchase funnel. 

But if you’re looking for ways to implement tried and tested checkout optimization strategies, get started with Checkout Wizard today

If you ever need assistance with your shopify store, you can always hire a professional shopify developer to skyrocket your sales.

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