10 Best Shopify Plus Agencies to Scale Your Brand Globally  

Skai Lama
November 16, 2023

Setting up your brand online may sound simple, but the reality is, it's easier said than done. From the intricacies of building a website to the complexities of launching it on a global scale, there's a lot of work involved. 

If you're on the lookout for the best Shopify Plus agencies to make this journey smoother, look no further – we've got you covered!

Best Shopify plus agencies to scale your brand globally 

Here is the list of the 10 best Shopify Plus agencies to scale your brand.

1. Eastside Co.

Best Shopify Plus agencies- Eastside

Eastside Co. is one of the best Shopify Plus agencies, as it is a globally recognized Shopify Plus Partner, and delivers an unparalleled e-commerce experience from its London base, with additional offices in Birmingham, New York, and Hamburg.

Since 2012, this full-service digital agency has propelled countless brands beyond their goals through world-class e-commerce solutions. From meticulously designed Shopify stores to strategic marketing and applications, Eastside Co empowers online businesses to break free from the ordinary.


  • Beautifully designed Shopify stores
  • In-depth business audits
  • Data-driven marketing strategies
  • Best-in-class applications

2. We Make Websites

Best Shopify Plus agencies- We Make Websites

We Make Websites Co. is one of the best Shopify plus agencies that has showcased unparalleled expertise in accelerating e-commerce success for some of the world's fastest-growing brands. Renowned for their Shopify Plus Replatforming, they've seamlessly collaborated with industry giants like John Hardy, B&Q, and Levi's Dockers.


  • Design, build, and launch using Shopify.
  • Optimization for conversion, accessibility, SEO, internationalization, and performance.
  • System Integrations
  • Strategy & CRO Insights

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3. Fostr

Best Shopify Plus agencies-  Fostr

Fostr, a distinguished Shopify Plus Agency based in the UK, boasts a global footprint, specializing in luxury, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Renowned for fostering the development of desirable e-commerce experiences, Fostr combines customer-focused design excellence with unparalleled Shopify Plus platform knowledge.

Fostr seamlessly integrates strategic advisory services, Shopify Plus design and build expertise, app development, and successful re-platforming to Shopify Plus.


  • Integration with ERP, marketing platforms, and other backend systems.
  • Creation of private apps using Shopify API for custom functionality.
  • Allows businesses to focus on operations, not IT, with no software upgrades or security patches.
  • Optimizing customer journeys with a focus on growth.

4. Arka Software

Best Shopify Plus agencies- ARKA Software

Arka Softwares is one of the best Shopify plus agencies. A tech innovator since 2010, it stands as a beacon for web and mobile solutions globally. From strategic eCommerce advisory to Shopify Plus services, including app development and re-platforming, Arka creates experiences. Their success stories, like Gymshark and Triangl, attest to their prowess in driving business value through technology.


  • Turn-key platform for launching and growing online stores.
  • Customizable store with no code required.
  • Integration with third-party applications for efficiency.
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies for global operations.

5. Charle

Best Shopify Plus agencies- Charles

Established in 2018, Charle, a London-based Website Design Agency, embodies a passion for building performance-driven e-commerce websites. Their expertise combines data-driven decisions with creative excellence, forming a reliable partner for ambitious brands.

As an accredited Shopify agency, Charle pushes creative design boundaries, utilizing cutting-edge development tools for diverse sectors like food, beauty, fashion, and furniture.


  • Utilization of historical data for KPI improvements.
  • Growth and support memberships tailored for monthly support, strategic roadmaps, and audits.
  • Custom store design and builds with a focus on performance.
  • Strategic considerations for the entire customer journey.

6. Quickfire Digital

Best Shopify Plus agencies- Quickfire Digital

Quickfire Digital stands out as a Shopify Plus Specialist and the European E-commerce Agency of the Year, delivering exceptional results for diverse businesses. Their approach centers on maximizing the commercial potential of Shopify Plus, catering to both fast-paced startups and established heritage brands.

The agency has developed proprietary tools and processes, focusing not just on increasing traffic but also on enhancing website performance and technology stack efficiency.


  • Development of proprietary tools and processes to enhance the effectiveness of websites and tech stacks.
  • Specialization in understanding business pain points and proactively solving them through technology.
  • Provide insights and guides for unlocking SEO potential on Shopify.

7. Blubolt

Best Shopify Plus agencies- Blubolt

A Shopify Plus Partner, Blubolt is renowned for its rapid accreditation, crafting sophisticated websites for brands like Bella Freud, Pipers Farm, and Teapigs. Noteworthy for its unique custom solutions such as Age Verifier and Bundle Builder, Blubolt ensures brands stand out. With an experienced in-house team, data-driven strategies, and 24/7 support, Blubolt continues to set industry standards.


  • Full suite of Shopify eCommerce services.
  • Roadmap planning and prioritization
  • Competitor landscape research
  • Wire-framing & prototypes

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8. Underwater Pistol

Best Shopify Plus agencies- Underwater Pistol

At Underwater Pistol (UWP), they are a data-driven and passion-fuelled Shopify Plus agency that seamlessly merges creative vision with technical expertise to craft bespoke Shopify Plus stores designed for optimal conversion.

Backed by 20 years of designing, building, and optimizing disruptive e-commerce brands, UWP offers 100% in-house services, handling everything from design and development to content and SEO.


  • Post-launch, continual design optimization to meet evolving business needs.
  • Draw up plans for the new store, including a style guide.
  • Optimization of Shopify Plus stores with industry-leading UX design.
  • Creation of information architecture, user journeys, and wireframes.

9. Swanky

Best Shopify Plus agencies- Swanky

Swanky is one of the best Shopify Plus agencies as it is a globally recognized full-service Shopify Plus agency, boasting a team of 70 experts dedicated to delivering cutting-edge e-commerce solutions. With offices in the UK, Australia, and France, Swanky has been a pivotal player in the e-commerce industry since 2010. As one of the first agencies in Europe awarded the 'Shopify Plus Expert' accreditation in 2016, Swanky has been trusted by enterprise brands and disruptive scale-ups worldwide.


  • Multi-channel marketing services (PPC, SEO, content, social, email, SMS).
  • Tailored campaigns to drive results throughout the sales funnel.
  • Design, implementation, and optimization of retention strategies.
  • Specialized expertise in subscriptions, loyalty programs, and personalization.

10. Exhibea

Best Shopify Plus agencies- Exhibea

Exhibea is one of the best Shopify Plus agencies in the USA and stands out as a top-tier service provider for luxury, fashion, and lifestyle brands on Shopify. Their expertise lies in crafting beautiful buying experiences and optimizing operational processes with customer-focused design excellence and in-depth knowledge of the Shopify Plus platform.


  • Specialization in migration to Shopify Plus from other platforms.
  • Designing well-crafted, functional shopping experiences for higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Custom creation of features and elements for your website.
  • Creating beautiful and dynamic Shopify websites.

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In the quest to expand your brand worldwide, picking one of the best Shopify Plus agency partners is key. Your success hinges on this choice.

We suggest carefully assessing your brand's needs and thoroughly reviewing the work of the best Shopify Plus agencies.

If you're still on the lookout for the best Shopify Plus partners list, we'd be delighted to introduce you to some of our top Shopify Plus partners. Choose wisely, and watch your brand soar globally!

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