40+ Best Shopify Checkout Examples and What you can Learn

Skai Lama
November 19, 2023

Ecommerce store owners and marketers know that almost 70% of shoppers abandon their carts. And most of these carts get abandoned at the checkout stage. The reasons: shipping costs, limited number of payment options, hidden costs, no mention of delivery dates, etc.

Some of these issues are easily avoidable if the checkout page is strategically created.

In this blog, we look at 40+ Shopify checkout examples of brands that have got it right and what we can learn from them.

40+ Shopify checkout examples to learn from

The examples below are from brands that use our app Checkout Wiz to customize their Shopify store checkout.  

1. R-Malak

Fashion brand, R-Malak’s checkout page makes shoppers’ experience easy by clearly sharing express checkout payment options, mentioning shipping charges, and only showing the most important information. The checkout page has breathing space, avoids over-cluttering, and minimal elements, keeping distraction away.

2. Breeches

This horse riding gear brand’s Shopify checkout page tactfully combines marketing with the checkout process by introducing new products on the page. The brand manages to showcase four or more products via the checkout page, which definitely helps boost sales. A smart way to let customers leave with other products in mind for future purchases.

3. Styles By Curt Boutique

The women’s apparel brand, Styles By Curt Boutiques, has a Shopify checkout page that focuses on making payments easy for customers. The page offers multiple payment options for customers to choose from. In addition, it also allows customers to choose the shipping method. It has a clean design with customer focus.

4. MBA Executive Apparel

Another Shopify checkout page example to learn a few things from is by the brand MBA Executive Apparel. After displaying the payment options, the page has only the basics — shipping address and payment details. There’s one more element — the option for customers to save their information for a faster checkout the next time.

5. Superwoman

Superwoman’s checkout page is an excellent example for small and niche brands that have a limited number of payment options. The brand neatly displays its bank transfer details ensuring shoppers of secure payments and building confidence.

6. Titika Active Couture

Titika Active Couture shows a progress bar on the checkout page, making it easy for shoppers to know how close they are to completing the process. Believe it or not, lengthy checkout processes are one of the key reasons for cart abandonment. 

7. Homebodii AU

Here’s an excellent Shopify checkout example from Homebodii — a women and baby brand that offers apparel, accessories, gifting items, and more. Its checkout process is simple and minimal, and yet, the brand has managed to add a form where shoppers can leave a note about their purchase, for example, an instruction. This makes purchase decisions easier, reduces cart abandonment, and improves sales. 

8. PupSocks

PupSocks’ checkout process is full of engagement elements. From offering express shipping to free gifts to showing customer reviews, the brand has packed in a lot of interesting elements to drive customers’ attention to the right places. And it’s done ensuring the checkout flow remains smooth and frictionless.

9. A3B

A3B’s Shopify checkout page is clean, simple, and to the point. By allowing customers an easy way to save shipping and billing addresses, the brand prioritizes simplicity of process and ease of flow, thus, boosts sales.

10. Cure Mushrooms

Customers want to be able to use discount codes easily. And that’s what Cure Mushrooms ensures in its Shopify checkout page. The page prominently displays the tab to enter the discount code, making the final purchase decision much easier for customers.

11. MellowFellow

MellowFellow uses a simple and minimal checkout page design, asking just for the most important information such as delivery address, etc. The page is free of any non-checkout elements, keeping the look clean and clutter-free.

12. Tumbleweed Plants

Tumbleweed Plants has a no-fuss Shopify checkout page customization to add its brand tone. The page has payment options for express checkout mentioned right on top so that customers who want to skip to quick checkout can do so without going through any lengthy process. 

13. Yamazaki

Another Shopify checkout page example to learn a few things from is that of Yamazaki. It has a mix of many checkout page features that make customers’ experience better. For instance, the page has a progress bar on top so customers can know how close they are to completing the transaction. The page shows express checkout options on top and the discount code bar next to the total amount section, letting customers know they can pay lesser, and encouraging going through with the payment.

14. Ana Hana Flower

Ana Hana Flower’s Shopify checkout page example has a lot to inspire. To begin with, it’s a two column design that divides the address and payment form from the product price section. The page offers multiple payment options, a powerful conversion strategy that all eCommerce stores should apply.

15. Bureau Unique

The Shopify checkout page of Bureau Unique divides three sections with a different background color for each. This not only adds aesthetic value, it also makes the flow easy. All other elements are to the point and make the checkout process look simple and easy.

16. Sunrise Flour Mill

Sunrise Flour Mill’s Shopify checkout page is not only about closing a sale. The brand has kept customers at the center by adding all the right elements to enhance customer experience — a progress bar on top, wallet payment options, contact, and delivery method. Simply put, the page makes customers feel easy and confident.

17. Vyno

Here’s another Shopify checkout example that offers a few marketing lessons. Vyno not only brings transparency by showing added taxes and shipping costs, but also makes sure customers feel confident and secure about making payments by adding the ‘100% secure payments’ badge. What is more, the page displays product recommendations to help increase order values.

18. PALM.

The handcrafted jewelry brand, PALM. keeps the design and page simple, minimal, and monochromatic. The checkout page shows the estimated delivery date as well as mentions the free shipping deal, bringing shoppers closer to making that final purchase decision. 

19. Queens Beauty Lounge

If you want to emphasize on your brand recall, take inspiration from this Shopify checkout example of Queens Beauty Lounge. The Shopify checkout page customization features have been used to change the color of the page to match the brand. 

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20. Satya Online

The jewelry brand, Satya Online, displays product recommendations in the checkout journey to capture customer attention and increase sales. In addition, customers who want to send a product as a gift have to simply check a box to add a message for an extra cost mentioned against it. 

21. Sensory Toy Box 

In this Shopify checkout example you can see how the toy brand, Sensory Toy Box displays an email and phone number capture form right on top of the page. Not just that, the form is highlighted with red color to grab customers’ attention. This checkout page example shows the brands intent to provide better service to customers by capturing their contact details.

22. Legacy Toys

Legacy Toys has used Shopify checkout page customizations to bring alive the page by adding interactive elements. For instance, a bar on top shows customers how far they are from free shipping. In addition, the page shows customers the number of reward points they would earn upon completing the purchase. Simple elements that make shopping more exciting.

23. Honey Bug

Honey Bug ensures good customer experience by adding a contact form, encouraging customers to share their contact details to receive information about discounts and promotions. The page is divided into two columns and background colors, thanks to Shopify checkout page customizations. 

24. R for Rabbit

There’s a lot going on in this Shopify checkout example, and that’s what works for many brands. Starting from the security badge to assure customers of offering discounts to the option of EMI payment, this checkout page smartly drives customers towards conversion.

25. Star Kiddo

Here’s Star Kiddo’s Shopify checkout page example — a simple and minimal page with no distractions. The checkout page displays the discount amount making customers know the good deal they’ve received. Small features such as an option to add instructions and to send the product as a gift can go a long way in customer experience quality.

26. Oasis Art + Play Studio

Shopify checkout page customizations can help brands improve brand recall and customer experience, offering a more professional look and feel, just as Oasis Art + Play Studio’s checkout page. 

27. McArthur Fitness Equipment

This fitness brand has added localization by including local payment method options and smartly used Shopify checkout page customizations to boost sales. 

28. Snow

Dental care brand, Snow’s customized Shopify checkout page example shows how you can increase the average order value via cross-selling on the checkout page.

29. Showerbase

Showerbase emphasizes transparency and encourages customers to read check a terms and conditions box. Brands that include these small features help build customer confidence and loyalty.

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30. Ridge

The brand’s Shopify checkout page keeps it simple, yet has added unique features such as inviting customers to share their phone number to join text messaging and text exclusive offers. A smart way to grow SMS lists for eCommerce brands.

31. Huel

Ecommerce brands know the importance of getting customers to register on their site. That’s what Huel strives for via its Shopify checkout page by displaying the benefits of creating an account.

32. Peepers

Peepers utilizes Shopify checkout customization by adding a header to match its brand colors. The page also displays a customer testimonial, cross-sells products, and has a discount code form, neatly designed one after the other.

33. Tabs

Here’s another good Shopify checkout example from Tabs. The checkout page has a form for sharing customers’ contact number for offers and updates, and a check box to save details for the next purchase, making repeat purchases easy.

34. The Sewing Studio

A chat icon on the checkout page, an option to choose delivery method, express checkout payment options, and a form to collect customers’ email address, The Sewing Studio’s Shopify checkout page has a mix of engaging elements in a minimal design.

35. The Lost Co

The Lost Co Shopify checkout example shows ways to display price benefits to customers by striking off the original price, mentioning the amount saved, and offering part payment plans.

36. Gymshark

Gymshark takes customer experience a notch higher by mentioning information about delivery delay on the checkout page. Customers can make their final purchase decision based on the delivery details.

37. PuraVida 

Here’s PuraVida’s Shopify checkout page example. The checkout page manages to mix all the right marketing elements to entice customers towards faster checkout — a countdown timer that shows the number of minutes and seconds the order is reserved, the amount customers are short of for free shipping, and the option of adding a gift box.

38. Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery’s Shopify checkout page shows customers package protection details and badges ensuring their product safety. In addition, the checkout progress bar lets customers know they’re just a couple steps away from making the purchase.

39. Good American

As we can see in the Good American Shopify checkout example, it includes shipping and returns information on the page. This brings transparency and makes it easy for customers to complete purchases.

40. Schoolyard Snacks

Schoolyard Snacks’ shows how simple things such as adding security badges can enhance customer experience and confidence in your brand, as seen in their Shopify checkout page example.

41. Boll & Branch

Keeping it minimal and to the point, Boll & Branch Shopify checkout page provides multiple online payment options for customers who want a quick checkout.

42. Duradry

Deodorant brand Duradry shows tips to market and recommend more products in the checkout page and how to add urgency elements such as a countdown timer to entice customers to complete purchases.

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How to get your Shopify checkout page right

Agreed that customers who have reached the checkout stage have high purchase intent. But believe it or not, more than 70% of customers drop off at the checkout stage. Your checkout page is critical and impacts your sales and hence, it’s extremely important to get it right.

That’s where SkaiLama comes in. The app’s customization features help increase average order value (AOV) by adding all the right features and elements to enhance customer experience.

SkaiLama features include upselling capabilities, custom fields and badges, and branding, among other features. If you’re looking for a Shopify checkout app, install Checkout Wiz today.

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