How to Create Shopify Product Bundles for BFCM Sale

Skai Lama
September 11, 2023

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) hold a significant place in the business calendar for ecommerce sellers. Because who doesn’t love a good discount? 

These annual shopping events are something users often look forward to and are also looking to make big savings. 69% of people are reported to shop online during the BFCM period, and businesses can capitalize on it with a strategy that helps them and their customers. 

And that’s exactly what you can do by creating product bundles on your Shopify store.

In this post, we'll talk about different BFCM Bundle Strategies for Shopify and look into how you can set them up for your store.

8 Different Product Bundles to use for BFCM

Product bundles can significantly increase your AOV and help you attract new customers. So, it's a necessity to come up with a bundling strategy for your BFCM sales and leverage the holiday season for good.

While there is no one set way of using product bundles on your Shopify store during BFCM, here are some effective product bundling techniques that brands using Easy Bundles benefit from: 

1. Buy more, save more bundles 

The “buy more, save more” product bundles are a time-tested concept for sales. This strategy resonates with consumers wanting to make the majority of their purchases during the sale period to save more and prepare for the months ahead. 

You can run tiered discounts to make the idea of purchasing in bulk or adding more items to the cart appealing with promotions like - Buy 2, and get 20% off, Buy 3 and get 2 free, etc. But remember to highlight the cost savings! 

In the example below, a skincare brand shows customers how bundling several products together can help them save money with a clear copy. 

2. Surprise mystery box bundles 

While most consumers are looking for deals and discounts, there are others that simply enjoy the thrill of surprises. Surprise mystery product bundles during the BFCM sale are a great way to connect with customers by making them feel special, as the sale is closely followed by festive holidays! 

In the example below, to provide clients with a literary experience, an independent bookstore sells a "Mystery Genre Bundle" with a hand-picked assortment of books from a particular genre. You can create a Halloween themed mystery box and sell it at an attractive price during the BFCM! 


Here’s one of the creative bundle ideas for eCommerce from Clean Beautique. They offer a subscription mystery box to customers, which can be offered at a discount during the BFCM sale to attract more subscribers. 

3. Gifting bundle options 

Like we said before, the BFCM sale is closely followed by the holiday season. That’s why BFCM is the perfect time to promote gifting bundles! 

Curate products based on different holiday themes and set up a discount around them to encourage early purchases. While your target audience gets to buy gifts for their friends and family at attractive prices, you get to secure sales for the holiday season too during BFCM - that’s a win-win!

In the example below, you can see how Sephora created a festive-themed product bundle to encourage buyers to save on Christmas gifts by buying them early. 

Christmas Bundle Gifts | MageWorx Shopify Blog


4. Complementary product bundles  

BFCM sales can be an opportunity to sell slow-moving inventory and clearance items. This method also solves the problem of overstocking. You can make such products a complementary part of the product bundle. 

This emphasizes your loyalty towards customers with the concept of a complementary product, and they increase the perceived value of the product bundle, making it an attractive proposition for customers. 

In the example below, the seller shows the bundle's value with 1 free hair tie, which automatically increases the value of the product bundle. 

Complementary product bundles  

5. Subscription bundles 

Offer exclusive savings on subscription bundles during the BFCM sales! This is a great strategy to turn the typical one-time purchases into recurring sales even when the sale is over, helping you navigate the post-BFCM period revenue. 

We recommend setting up subscription bundles for 3-6 months, making the subscription worth an investment during the BFCM as it comes at a discount.

In the example below, a Wine company sells subscription boxes at a discounted rate for first-time subscribers. 

Subscription bundles 

6. DIY product bundle/ build your own bundle 

Empower customers during the BFCM sale by letting them create their bundles from the BFCM offerings. This approach caters to the diverse preferences of your customers, not making them feel like stuck with the options you have to offer.

Using this product bundling strategy, you also have an opportunity to understand customers preferences better, which can lead to better post-purchase campaigns to keep your BFCM shoppers engaged.

In the example below, a skincare brand allows customers to make their own kit and shows how the product bundle helps them save money for maximizing sales with shopify bundles.

Subscription bundles 


7. Frequently bought together bundles 

A 2023 study showed that when product bundles are curated with data-driven insights from the ecommerce website, it helps increase sales! This is why you must pay attention to what products your customers popularly buy together. 

Bundle products that are commonly bought together and offer them at BFCM discounts to make the idea of purchasing more compelling. Since the recommendation is driven by what others are purchasing, you get to tap into social proof, increasing the chances of conversions on this product bundle. 

8. Mix best-sellers with slow-moving products 

Whether it is a problem of positioning, packaging, price point, or something else – you will always have products that don’t sell as per their potential. Use BFCM promotions to spotlight items otherwise overshadowed by the high-demand items.

Combine the allure of the popular products with those that need a boost in sales. While this helps introduce shoppers to these slow-moving items at a discounted cost, it also helps you sell out redundant inventory.

In the example below, 310nutrition bundles nutrition powders with supplements and shakers that might be overlooked. People often buy consumable products as they replenish quickly and can be used daily; however, the bottles and some supplements are slower-selling. Therefore, bundling them together increases their sales!

Mix best-sellers with slow-moving products

How to Effectively Promote Product Bundles During BFCM

Simply creating product bundles for your sale is not enough. Here are some Shopify BFCM sales tips to ensure they get noticed! 

1. Start promoting your product bundles during the pre-season with early sales 

The success of your BFCM product bundles hinges on how well you generate excitement around it. As you start to promote your BFCM deals, discounts and offers, remember to highlight the product bundles as well!

We recommend getting started with marketing early or even taking pre-orders to navigate the competition that increases closer to the sale period.

The example below shows how Amazon started advertising its Black Friday sale with pre-sale content. 

Start promoting your product bundles

2. Promote the product bundles across channels

Amplify the reach of your product bundles during the BFCM sale with a multichannel approach. From eye-catching banners on your website to social media posts and targeted ads, email and SMS – utilize every channel to market the bundles!

In the example below, Bath & Body Works’ social media is the perfect example of generating excitement for Black Friday sales and bundles that will be available on discounts.

Promote the product bundles across channels

3. Run limited-time sales on the product bundles 

The concept of scarcity and urgency leads to FOMO and is a potent motivator for shoppers. To weave this into your BFCM sales on product bundles, incorporate flash sales with a limited timeframe – this creates an environment where customers will feel compelled to act swiftly before losing out on good deals.

Create a rotating selection of products on sale to surprise customers with new product bundles every time they visit your online store. This phenomenon of daily deals keeps customers on their toes, which leads them to your site repeatedly to check for more sales. This is easy to set up and manage without hassle with a product bundle builder for Shopify.

Also, the presentation matters. So, make sure you create an attractive bundle by making them visually appealing on the store and you must also provide clear descriptions of every bundle for the customers.

This is similar to the lighting deals you purchase from on Amazon. 

4. Make sure you convey the value of the product bundle savings well

The essence of the BFCM sales should reflect well across the website and in each product bundle. Communicate the value of savings clearly to the customers with a well-written copy.

This is especially important as customers are likely to experience the phenomenon of “base-rate neglect” when products are bundled together – they will ignore their prices and look at the perceived value instead, which causes 23% of the customers to buy the same products as bundles as opposed to buying them separately.

Hence, emphasizing product bundling savings with content such as “first time on discount”, “lowest price ever,” “X customers saved XYZ amount in two days,” and showing the slashed prices well is key to your BFCM sales.

In the example below, you can see how NatGeo promotes its travel kit and conveys the savings well during the Black Friday sale. 

Make sure you convey the value of the product bundle savings well

5. Create bundles that will help your margins

While product bundles are great for attracting customers for BFCM promotions, the secret to increasing your profit margins simultaneously is to strike the ideal mix between what consumers desire and what is practical from a financial standpoint.

Bundling products that are bought together helps boost revenue while ensuring cost control. If the take rate of the bundle is high, including freebies will elevate its existing value. Conversely, if the take rate is slow, you don’t want to provide complementary products that will incur a loss; instead, include digital extras such as downloadable resources or discount coupons for later use. Make sure you balance the customer value proposition and business sustainability for a good BFCM sale. 

6. Offer exclusive BFCM shipping discounts on product bundles 

While product bundles are already enticing, sweeten them with exclusive shipping discounts. This increases the appeal of the bundle and adds an extra value-add for the customers.

The example below shows how you can promote free shipping during the BFCM. 

Offer exclusive BFCM shipping discounts

7. Allow easy bundling options at the checkout page 

The final stage of the customer journey is the checkout page. This provides an opportunity to introduce last-minute bundling options with add-on products. You can suggest complementary products or frequently bought together items to increase the Average Order Value and offer customers recommended products.

The example below shows how to encourage customers to create product bundles at the checkout page and save more! 

8. Make it easy to commit to the bundles with exchange/return options 

Buying product bundles offers a good deal to the customers; however, as a seller, you must realize it requires a high level of commitment and trust in your brand. To make this process easy for the customers, provide them with exchange and return options wherever possible.

Ensure this is also shown across your website, as this mitigates their apprehension and encourages them to buy the product bundles confidently.

The example below shows how you can enable return options for customers. It could be a bundle or for the individual products from the bundle. 

Ready to make the most of product bundles during BFCM?

We know how hectic the BFCM sale period can be, and that’s why we make it easier for you to create, promote and manage your product bundles. Easy Bundles is the one product bundling app for Shopify stores that helps adapting to consumer preferences quickly during the sale period.

From understanding the product bundling strategies to creating bundles, our team of Shopify experts ensure that you can sell more during BFCM!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I create effective product bundles for BFCM on Shopify?

To create effective BFCM bundles on Shopify, utilize strategies like tiered discounts, mystery boxes, themed gifting bundles, and combinations of best-sellers with less popular items. Also, allow customer personalization through build-your-own bundles and subscription options.

2. What are some creative bundling strategies for eCommerce stores?

Creative eCommerce bundling strategies include surprise mystery boxes, customizable DIY bundles, holiday-themed gifting bundles, and mixing best-sellers with slower-moving items to diversify offerings and clear inventory.

3. How do product bundles boost sales during BFCM?

Product bundles boost BFCM sales by offering customers value through discounts, encouraging larger purchases, and clearing inventory by pairing popular items with less popular ones.

4. What tips should I follow to successfully promote bundles on Shopify?

To promote bundles on Shopify, start early with pre-season marketing, use multi-channel advertising, create urgency with limited-time offers, clearly communicate savings, ensure profitability, offer shipping discounts, and provide easy bundling at checkout along with flexible return options.

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