Top 15 Product Bundles Built by Easy Bundles for 2024

Skai Lama
June 19, 2024
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Product bundles can boost average order value (AOV) by up to 20% for eCommerce stores. Shopify store owners widely use this technique as it not only encourages customers to purchase more but also introduces them to new products.

Traditionally, many Shopify merchants have relied on pre-curated bundles, offering a fixed set of products as a bundle. However, customers today demand choice and flexibility when they make any purchase. This is where another bundle type is becoming very popular with merchants and consumers alike - Build Your Own Bundles. This bundle allows customers to customize their bundles, creating a personalized shopping experience tailored to their unique preferences.

Today, we showcase the top 15 “Build Your Own Bundles'' created using the Shopify bundler app Easy Bundles to inspire you. These product bundling examples demonstrate how Easy Bundles can drive sales and product discovery. Let’s dive in!

Top 15 Product Bundle Pricing Examples and Designs

1. Ahead’s Tiered Discounted Build Your Own Snack Bundle

Ahead Nutrition used Easy Bundles to build a “Discounted Build Your Own Snack Bundle” letting customers buy multiple items simultaneously. This approach simplifies the process of finding and purchasing the right combination of snacks tailored to individual needs.

Ahead’s Tiered Discounted Build Your Own Snack Bundle
Ahead’s Tiered Discounted Build Your Own Snack Bundle

Key Benefits and Impact of Ahead Nutrition's Discounted Product Bundle:

1. Tiered Discounts: Customers enjoy increasing savings with the bundle's tiered discount system: 5% off for 3 items, 10% off for 4 items, and 15% off for 5 or more items. This buy more save more approach helps in encouraging larger purchases.

2. Minimum Purchase Requirement: A rule that a minimum number of products must be selected before finalizing a purchase encourages more substantial orders, boosting revenue.

3. Responsive Tab Interface: The user interface allows customers to easily navigate between different snack categories and add products to their bundle directly from one page, reducing shopping friction and enhancing user experience.

4. Intuitive Design: The layout is not only user-friendly but also aligns with Ahead Nutrition’s brand aesthetics, providing a seamless and engaging shopping journey.

5. Increased Average Order Value: The combined effect of these features has led to a noticeable increase in the average order value, with $12k generated from bundle sales alone.

2. G Bub Blooms’ Gift Bundle

G Bub Blooms offers a customizable gifting option to simplify the process of creating personalized gift sets for luxurious baby essentials and kidswear. Offering bundles in their store required a high level of personalization on the product level. We did this seamlessly with Easy Bundles.

Key Benefits and Impact of G Bub Blooms’ Bundle Products

1. Advanced Product Level Customization: As you can see in the picture below, G Bub Blooms offers a large number of variants and personalizations for a better customer experience. This level of personalization at scale can be complex to achieve for most stores, but Easy Bundles makes it possible with a single click, without any inventory or operational issues. 

G Bub Blooms’ Gift Bundle

2. Simplified Selection Process: Gifting is very popular in baby stores. The gift-building process must be intuitive and easy for customers by helping them easily navigate options and categories along with providing personalization options. This approach avoids overwhelming customers with too many options and enhances the customer experience.

3. Personalization Options: Customers can add a name and choose colors for an additional $10. This not only personalizes the experience but also increases the perceived value of each gift set, leading to a higher average order value for the store. discoverability.

4. Intuitive Customization Process: The step-by-step customization process is designed to be intuitive, making it easy to create personalized gifts even for those who are less familiar with online shopping. This widens the appeal of the brand and can attract a broader customer base.

5. Enhanced Gifting Experience: The option to customize packaging and include greeting cards transforms a simple purchase into a memorable gifting experience. This thoughtful touch improves the unboxing experience and promotes repeat business.

3. Clean Co’s Build a Box Bundle

CleanCo’s Build a Box Bundle allows customers to create personalized sets of non-alcoholic spirits and complementary items. This product bundling option makes it easy for customers to buy mixers and a recipe book alongside their main products, simplifying the creation of non-alcoholic cocktails at home.

Clean Co’s Build a Box Bundle

Key Benefits and Impact of CleanCo’s Product Bundles

1. Targeted Bundling: CleanCo innovatively bundles non-alcoholic spirits with mixers and recipe books, catering to niche markets such as non-drinkers and home cocktail enthusiasts. Their bundles transform simple purchases into engaging experiences that encourage repeat visits.

2. Attractive Presentation: The vibrant and attractive presentation of CleanCo's bundles increases its appeal and market presence, offering a standout shopping experience and providing brand differentiation.

3. Strategic Experimentation: CleanCo experiments with bundling strategies to optimize offerings and maximize earnings, showing its consistent commitment to improving the shopping journey for its customers.

4. Jada Beauty’s Build Your Own Skincare Routine Bundle

Jada Beauty uses our Shopify bundles app to offer a "Build Your Own Skincare Routine" bundle. It allows customers to select products step-by-step to create a personalized skincare regimen. This approach helps customers easily find and purchase the exact products they need for their unique skincare goals.

Jada Beauty’s Build Your Own Skincare Routine Bundle

Key Benefits and Impact of Jada Beauty’s Build Your Own Bundle

1. Step-by-Step Customization: This method guides customers through different skincare categories such as cleansers, toners, serums, and exfoliants. It educates them about the products while increasing the chances of multiple-item purchases.

2. Intuitive UI: The user interface is designed to facilitate cross-selling, displaying a variety of products across different categories clearly and effectively. This structured layout helps manage complex assortments and enhances cross-selling opportunities.

3. Replicated Shopping Experience: The online shopping process is designed to mirror an in-store experience, improving customer satisfaction and cultivating stronger brand loyalty.

5. Kimirica’s Gifting Experience

Kimirica offers a four-step gifting product bundle to enhance the gifting experience while promoting its minis products. The bundle includes selecting a gift box, choosing a major product, adding minis, and personalizing the gift with a message. This approach allows customers to create a thoughtfully curated and personalized gift.

Kimirica’s Gifting Experience

Key Benefits and Impact of Kimirica’s Gifting Bundles

1. Personalized Gift Boxes: The process starts with selecting a beautifully themed gift box, tailored for occasions like Mother's Day, Father's Day, or birthdays, which adds a personalized touch from the beginning.

2. Major Product Selection: Customers choose a main product, such as a luxury body care or skincare item, serving as the central feature of the gift.

3. Addition of Minis: The inclusion of mini products allows the customer to sample a broad range of Kimirica’s offerings.

4. Custom Messages: Adding a personalized message completes the gifting experience, making it deeply personal and memorable.

5.  Increased Exposure and Sales Potential: By introducing customers to a variety of products in minis form, Kimirica not only enhances the gifting experience but also increases the likelihood of future full-size purchases.

Check out our product bundling service to help you build any product bundle similar to the examples given in this blog.

6. Bravado Designs’s Build Your Own Comfort Bundle

Bravado Designs uses Easy Bundles to provide a "Build Your Own Comfort Bundle," which allows customers to easily select a tailored set of products, such as bras, panties, apparel, accessories, and swimwear instead of purchasing single items. This approach provides both convenience and flexibility, encouraging customers to mix and match items to suit their needs. 

Bravado Designs’s Build Your Own Comfort Bundle

Key Benefits and Impact of Bravado Designs’s Mix And Match Bundles

1. Tiered Discounts: The bundle encourages more purchases by offering escalating discounts: 15% off for 3 items, 20% off for 4, and 25% off for 5 or more items. This clear pricing structure incentivizes customers to buy more at once.

2. One-Page Dropdown Design: All products are displayed on a single page with dropdown options, making it easy for customers to view and select without confusion.

3. Product Customization: On the same page, customers can select sizes and colors via a convenient popup, which simplifies customization and reduces the likelihood of cart abandonment.

4. Increased Cart Size: The straightforward layout and visible savings encourage customers to add more items to their carts, boosting the average order value.

5. Customer Satisfaction: By allowing customers to tailor their bundles extensively, Bravado Designs meets specific needs with precision, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This bundling approach offers flexibility and savings but also effectively caters to the unique needs of maternity and nursing wear shoppers, enhancing their shopping experience and brand loyalty.

7. Wanderlust Life’s Comprehensive Gifting Options

Wanderlust Life offers a personalized gift bundle for their minimalistic jewelry. Customers can select a jewelry box, add jewelry pieces, include little luxuries like keychains, choose a card, and personalize the gift with a message, all in one seamless process. This approach makes it easy to create personalized gift sets.

Wanderlust Life’s Comprehensive Gifting Options

They can tap into the emotional appeal of gifting where customers are more willing to pay for a better gift allowing them to increase AOV per order.

Key Benefits and Impact of Wanderlust Life’s Gift Box Bundle

1. Upsell: By making upsell a seamless part of the bundle flow they can drastically increase their AOV. From helping customers enhance the gift value with little luxuries to customized greeting cards and paid personalization options, everything is integrated within the bundling journey helping them achieve the desired cart value.

2. Personalization Options: For an additional €10, customers can add initials to each jewelry piece, enhancing the personal touch and increasing the AOV.

3. Inclusive Luxuries: The bundle includes elegant jewelry boxes and chic keychains, enriching the gift set and introducing customers to new products.

4. Streamlined Bundling Process: The intuitive, step-by-step customization process simplifies gift creation, making it accessible and appealing, especially to those new to online gifting.

5. Enhanced Brand Experience: Clear communication of the bundle's contents and customization options increases customer satisfaction, builds trust, and reduces returns.

6. Encouraging Repeat Business: Customizable packaging and greeting cards improve the unboxing experience, turning a simple purchase into a memorable gifting event and fostering repeat business.

8. Belmont Peanuts’ Mix and Match Bundles

Belmont Peanuts uses Easy Bundles to offer a "Build Your Own Peanut Pack," allowing customers to conveniently stock up on their favorite gourmet Virginia peanuts. Customers can choose from various pack sizes, including 3, 6, or 12 packs of 10oz or 20oz cans, ensuring they always have a delicious supply on hand.

Belmont Peanuts’ Mix and Match Bundles

Key Benefits and Impact of Belmont Peanuts’s Product Bundles

1. Mix and Match Offering: Customers can mix and match different peanut flavors according to their taste preferences, creating a customized snack box. This approach caters to individual tastes and encourages trying new flavors.

2. Simplified Selection Process: The use of filters based on flavor, collection, and product type helps streamline the product selection process, making it easier for customers to find exactly what they want.

3. Flexible Bundle Options: The flexibility to choose their packs sets Belmont Peanuts apart from competitors offering pre-curated snack options. This acknowledges the highly personal nature of snack preferences.

4. Cohesive Brand Experience: The integration of Easy Bundles branding settings ensures that the online bundling process is visually cohesive and aesthetically pleasing, reflecting the in-store experience of Belmont Peanuts.

9. Brillare’s Discounted Bundles

Brillare uses product bundling to offer custom discounts on larger purchases while allowing them to choose products tailored to their specific skin needs. Customers can avail discounts by choosing at least three products, ensuring they get high-quality, natural hair and skin care products at a lower cost.

Brillare’s Discounted Bundles

Key Benefits of Brillare’s Customizable Product Bundles

 1. Increased Average Order Value: The requirement to select at least three products encourages larger purchases, boosting the average order value.

2. Sense of Urgency: By limiting the availability of these offers, Brillare prompts customers to make quicker decisions, leading to more immediate and increased purchases.

3. Attractive Pricing: Offering discounts on bundled purchases demonstrates Brillare's commitment to providing value, helping to attract new customers and retain existing ones by making quality skincare more accessible.

10. Ewing Family Farm’s Subscription Bundles

Ewing Family Farm has a subscription-based product bundle, allowing customers to regularly receive their favorite high-quality, ethically raised meats and produce. This subscription option ensures a steady supply of farm-fresh items delivered right to their doorstep, providing convenience and reliability.

Ewing Family Farm’s Subscription Bundles

Easy Bundles is seamlessly integrated with popular subscription apps like ReCharge, Bold Subscriptions, and Smartrr, making it effortless for brands like Ewing Family Farm to launch customizable subscription boxes.

Key Benefits and Impact of Ewing Family Farm’s Product Bundles

1. Enhanced Conversion Rates: The option to build-your-own subscription boxes, particularly with discounts, allows customers to tailor their selections to their specific needs and preferences, maximizing conversion rates.

2. Steady Revenue Stream: Subscription bundles provide a consistent revenue stream through regular purchases, significantly boosting the farm's overall revenue.

3. Simplified Inventory Management: The subscription model creates predictable demand, which simplifies inventory management, ensures a consistent supply of products, and enhances customer retention.

To make subscription bundles a part of your bundling strategy, watch this video on subscription bundles.

11. Hygge’s Personalized Product Bundles

Hygge Concept Store offers a "build your own bundle" option, allowing customers to select their preferred home decor and lifestyle products with customizable boxes and ribbons. This approach provides a tailored and delightful shopping experience at Hygge’s Shopify store.

Hygge’s Personalized Product Bundles

Key Benefits and Impact of Hygge’s Shopify Bundles

  1. Easy Navigation: The tabbed user interface at the start helps customers explore a large variety of products effortlessly, preventing any feeling of being overwhelmed.
  2. Personalized Packaging: Customers have the option to select the type of box and ribbon, which, along with a personalized message, adds a unique and customized touch that elevates the perceived value of their purchase.
  3. Enhanced Customer Loyalty: By providing tailored and meaningful gift options, Hygge not only satisfies individual preferences but also strengthens customer loyalty and promotes brand advocacy.

Learn more about tiered pricing bundles here.

12. Lil Helper’s Build Your Own Bundles

Lil Helper provides a "Build Your Own Bundle" option, allowing customers to choose multiple reusable baby and women's products and purchase them at a discount. This option caters to parents who often buy multiple items for their babies and care about convenience and appearance. By enabling customers to customize their bundles, Lil Helper meets their needs while providing cost savings.

Lil Helper’s Build Your Own Bundles

Key Benefits and Impact of Lil Helper’s Product Bundles

1. Variety of Options: Lil Helper maintains 20-30 live bundles in their store, all created using Easy Bundles. This variety caters to different customer needs and product types, enhancing the shopping experience. 

2. Impressive Sales Performance: The bundling strategy has proven highly successful, with over 4,000 bundles sold, generating more than $303k in sales. The top-performing bundle alone accounted for over $121k of this total.

3. Enhanced Upselling and Cross-Selling: Many bundles are designed specifically to upsell and cross-sell, offering tiered discounts on selected products and showcasing multiple product categories within a single bundle builder. This approach has significantly increased cart sizes.

4. Strategic Navigation and CTAs: Lil Helper strategically guides users towards bundle options, which are more profitable than individual product sales. By adding call-to-action buttons on product pages, they encourage customers to explore bundle deals, resulting in higher discounts and better profit margins.

To learn more about their strategy, read our case study on how Easy Bundles helped Lil Helper.

13. Vyno’s Premium Gifting Bundles

Vyno offers customizable gifting bundles to provide a premium wine gifting experience. Based in Canada, Vyno curates wines and spirits from around the world and allows customers to create personalized gift sets that match their unique tastes and preferences, making each gift truly special.

Vyno’s Premium Gifting Bundles

Key Benefits and Impact of Vyno’s Gifting Bundles

1. Discounted Cases: Vyno's strategy includes offering a 12-bottle case at a 20% discount, appealing to customers looking for value along with premium quality.

2. Personalized Gift Boxes: The inclusion of personalized gift boxes with drinks and macarons enhances the premium gifting experience.

3. Clear Communication: Vyno ensures clear communication about bottle capacity in bundles and a streamlined checkout process, which helps to reduce logistical issues, prevent order cancellations, and improve the overall shopping experience.

4. Easy Product Selection: A comprehensive gift guide and well-organized categories aid customers in easily mixing and matching products, leading to over $59k in bundle sales, increased product visibility, and thousands of bundles sold.

14. Metaflow’s Customizable Weekly Product Bundles

Metaflow uses customizable product bundles to help customers stay consistent with their weight loss program. Their shakes, available in various flavors, are divided into four phases, each requiring a specific intake. 

Metaflow’s Customizable Weekly Product Bundles

Key Benefits and Impact of Metaflow’s Product Bundling

1. Revenue Impact: Metaflow’s strategic implementation of Easy Bundles has significantly driven over $16 million in revenue.

2. Starter Bundle Kit: For new customers, Metaflow includes a starter bundle kit featuring essential items like a shaker to ensure a positive beginning to the weight loss journey.

3. Organized Bundles: The bundles are organized by weeks, allowing customers to receive the correct quantities and choose their preferred flavors, which simplifies the process and personalizes the experience.

4. Incentives for Longer Plans: Offering quantity-based discounts encourages customers to commit to longer-week plans, effectively increasing the average order value.

5. Customization and Retention: Allowing customers to choose their preferred flavors in the bundles not only personalizes their regimen but also boosts adherence to the program, enhancing customer success rates and retention as they continue to refill and integrate these products into their routines.

15. Leach’s Safety Solution Bundles

Leach's Safety Solutions offers customizable product bundles to simplify the purchasing process for construction safety equipment. Specializing in high-quality safety and access gear, Leach's understands that their products are often bought in pairs or sets. By introducing product bundling, they allow customers to easily buy related items together, providing convenience and efficiency.

Leach’s Safety Solution Bundles

Key Benefits and Impact of Leach’s Product Bundles

1. Tailored Safety Kits: Leach offers bundles specifically designed for different use cases, such as safety kits for construction workers, ensuring workers have all necessary items for specific tasks.

2. Optional Items: The inclusion of optional items like helmets caters to individual needs, allowing customers to purchase only what they need, rather than being forced to buy unnecessary items.

3. Increased Sales and Visibility: This bundling strategy has successfully generated over $36k from bundle sales and has increased product visibility through the offering of diverse bundle options.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up: Empower Your Store with Easy Bundles

In conclusion, product bundling stands out as a powerful strategy that boosts sales and increases customer satisfaction. Brands such as Ahead Nutrition, Jada Beauty, and Kimirica have successfully leveraged Easy Bundles to create customizable bundles that not only increase average order value but also foster long-term customer loyalty. To date, Easy Bundles has facilitated over $50 million in bundle revenue and supported more than 3,000 merchants worldwide.

Easy Bundles offers unmatched personalization, design flexibility, and seamless theme integration, creating a compelling shopping experience tailored to individual preferences. These success stories underscore how Easy Bundles can significantly impact sales and improve customer retention. 

Ready to implement product bundling on your Shopify store?

Contact us for a personalized bundling strategy tailored to your store or download Easy Bundle from the Shopify store.

For further insights and strategies on effective bundling, explore our Product Bundling Playbook.

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